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Energycast June 14, 2019

We have a kite in the skies this morning before the Moon moves on. This means we are ready to take flight, but we must make the effort in order for our dreams to reach the sky.

Our general energy card is the 8 of Swords/Air. This is a card of being trapped in our own thoughts. We are creating something that is not real. We are using our mind to keep us stuck by either continuing to run a situation over and over and over with no resolution, or just hanging onto a feeling of pain or betrayal. Neither is serving you. The only way through is acceptance of the situation, release, and then stay in the present moment. This take mindfulness. As you catch yourself stewing, you have to forcefully push these thoughts away. Literally telling them so what. What's done is done. Learn what you need from them and then let them go. Make peace with the situation and then let it go. But know that you are not trapped or stuck, that is just delusional Neptune pushing you to literally deal with your emotions. Sometimes we have to see how silly something is before we can let it go.

The relationship energy isn't much better because of the above. The orphaned card suggests these thoughts are the result of someone in your life not 'behaving' in a way that makes you feel valued. We need to value ourselves regardless of how someone else is treating us. Rejection is protection. The Universe is trying to protect you by not making things easy in this particular situation. You both are not an energetic match at the moment, so spending time together right now would just be a hot mess! So let things play out as they should. Each of you needs to work on yourself and then if it's meant to be, it will be. You are not orphaned, you have much love around you. Tune in to those you are an energetic match to and spend your energy focusing on them instead. You will have a much better day as a result of this shift.

The Goddess energy is what will help us master our emotions today. Kali is the Hindu Goddess who will help us liberate ourselves from this dark place. She literally has the daggers that will cut the cords that bind you. She will especially help free you from the people who are holding you back, causing you to doubt yourself, and influencing your negative thoughts. You can actually visualize the cord attached to this thought you can't seem to let go of, cut it, and watch it float away. This situation can then be lifted above, freed to be resolved by the Universe, God, the creator, whatever speaks to you. When you cannot solve a problem on your own, ask for help, and then turn it over to your higher power. This will lift a huge burden off your shoulders, if you can let it go. And don't let it sneak back in!

The numerological energy is a 2. The relationship energy is strong today. We have important work to do on our partnerships.

The astrological energy has a kite in skies this morning.

The key to launching a kite is the backbone. We have to have the proper balance in the opposition. You will see clashes between home/family and work/government, shown by the red lines in the backbone of the kite. Too much focus in either direction and your kite can't fly. Perfect balance and it can soar really high. Mars wants action, Saturn wants structure, Moon wants you to feel into this situation, Neptune wants you to have a purpose for your actions, and the Nodes are telling you this event is fated. It's a big day, it will help you identify something you want to complete with the full moon on Sunday. So do the work today. Get that kite in the sky, no more excuses! Change cannot happen if you keep doing the same things you always have in the past. If the behaviors in the past did not bring you happiness, if the people, the relationships did not turn out as you wanted, then it is time to change. And if you stay trapped like our cards are showing today you can not fly your kite either. You need to be free to run with your kite, and if you are bound to the past you cannot move. And today you need to move, under your own control, not because of someone else's command over you. Of your own free will. Set your intentions now to achieve your goal, wherever this is showing up for you.

Love and Light.

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