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Energycast June 13, 2019

I heard some good stories yesterday about fated events, and today we still have more of those possibilities. And you just never know what random encounter might pay off big time in the near future, don't miss the fate train when it stops on by.

The general energy card today is the Sun. This is always a great card to see. This speaks to having a successful day. You are achieving a goal after working hard. You might have recently faced a challenged, faced a fear, and now you can celebrate the hard work. This is also the energy of play, and children, and even childhood dreams. However this shows up for you it is good news.

The relationship energy says we are building our partnerships by being willing to ask for help. A leg up means we know we cannot get where we want to be on our own. We need the help of our partners, our friends, our co-workers. The key is to ask for help and then you will receive it. Even the Almighty can only step in when you are asking for help. So don't try to go it alone today. Save yourself time and energy and ask for help. Your partner will be much closer to you as a result. You can't take your stubborn pride with you after all, so best to drop that nonsense right here and now.

Our Goddess energy is someone we have not seen before. It is the Celtic Goddess Branwen, and her message is forgiveness. Her tale is one of betrayal, death, and forgiveness. If there is anything that you have been holding onto, this is the day to let it go and forgive the other person. This energy is just bogging you down and holding you back and all you really need to do is release this and you will actually feel free. If we put all these cards together the message is, success comes from being able to let go of a grudge, so we can ask our partners for help. You can clear the air and bond all in one fell swoop.

The numerological energy is a 6. Another push towards being open to giving and receiving love.

The astrological energy still has Mars sitting close to the North Node. And we also have Venus in a sextile to Chiron, helping love heal us. The Moon will stand across the sky from Uranus in it's monthly opposition bringing up some emotional surprises, some aha moments. We have Venus, Uranus and Chiron all at 5 degrees. This supports a healing change. But we will need to drop the ego and let this in. The Sun and Pluto are both at 22 degrees, the Master Builder number, pushing us to create something that is built to last. But their angle is one that says our Ego and our Power they aren't quite connecting. Something has gotta go, and usually it's whatever is holding you back. Choose love today, not ego, and this day will turn out in everyone's favor.

Love and Light.

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