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Energycast June 12, 2019

According to the cards the right people will show up at the right time today and help you accomplish something important. Can someone please come over and fix all the leaks in my pool???

The general energy card is the 3 of Water/Cups. This talks to get togethers, especially amongst female friends. This is a time of celebration. The 3 also represents our creative side. So perhaps tonight you are doing a wine and paint kind of party or something else that is crafty and brings you together with repairing leaks in a pool. :)

The relationship energy is the Fates card. This means whatever is going on in your relationships right now is serving a higher purpose. It is a really good idea to detach and let things unravel as they should. Not a good day to try to control anything or anyone. Let this day play out. Try not to take any actions, just be a curious observer and Sherlock your way around your partnerships. What is actually going on beneath the surface? What are you supposed to be getting a better understanding about? Why did this person come into your life or you into theirs? Why does the same thing keep happening but with different people? You won't necessarily have all the answers today, but if you know what is going on is fated then you can relax a bit and let things unfold naturally.

The Goddess energy is Green Tara, so yet another card that says people who come into your life are here to help you on your path. You are being sent someone today in particular that plays a major role in your next steps to growing your soul. Hmmm sounds like this will be a very interesting interactive kind of energy day. So get out and do some celebrating and see who shows up for you.

The numerological energy has two of the cards above as the number 17. Anytime a number repeats itself you want to pay attention to that. 17 is the Star card traditionally in the Tarot, which means something is going to come true for you, some wish is about to come to life. And all the cards add up to the number 1, so there is a new beginning. Well this makes whoever shows up for you today very interesting indeed.

The astrological energy has the Sun trine the Moon today, which is a nice harmonious energy. Do you ever look up in the sky and see what a trine looks like? Right now you can see this angle clearly as both the Moon and Sun can be seen in broad daylight. The science of astrology is pretty fascinating when you can see it unfold in the skies above you. This means our ego and our emotions/intuition are able to work together in harmony. Always a good thing. We still have Mars conjunct with the North Node at hmmm 17 degrees. I am sensing a pattern here. You will need to take some action when this person or situation shows up for you today. However, make sure you pay attention to your intuition. Do not just act or react without really checking in with how you feel. This could be used to start something new or get you out of something you shouldn't start. So tune in. Venus and Chiron are also about to join up so there is some healing taking place, if you let it. All of this leading up to a very powerful full moon conjunct with Jupiter in Sagittarius. Something very beneficial is about to unfold all dependent on which house this full moon will sit in your natal chart. Might be a really good time to finally book that reading.

Love and Light!!

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