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Energycast June 11, 2019

Lady luck is on our side today and you will have amazing manifesting powers too, so get ready!

Our general energy card is Fortune's Wheel, again! Looks like our good fortune has not run out yet and we have yet another chance for the wheel of fortune to bless us and bring about positive changes in our lives. This is the #10 card of the Major Arcana, at this point The Fool is almost halfway through his journey and ready to see what life has in store for him. And today so are we. Bring it.

The love energy is the Yang card, this means we are taking action in our relationships, and for some I mean ACTION. You know what I am sayin??? In general however since not everyone is in a couple like that, we are moving things forward, taking steps to change direction in a positive way. All partnerships benefit from taking action. Being stagnant means there is no opportunity for growth. Taking some steps, some action, means you can breathe some new life into your partnerships, be they at work, with family or friends. You are definitely not feeling receptive today at all.

Our Goddess energy is a stalker card, Lakshmi isn't done bringing us good fortune either, so she is back with us again. Literally everything is lining up for you to have an amazing breakthrough kind of day that includes some financial windfalls or at the very least some well deserved recognition. Something you have been working really hard on, is about to pay off. Enjoy this moment, share in it with others and watch your good fortune expand even more.

The numerological energy is an 11, on the 11th. I cannot make this stuff up. It's a manifesting portal kind of day. All while the Sun is still in Gemini and standing across the sky from Jupiter, the planet known for giving good fortune.

The astrological energy that is driving our good fortune? Mars is conjunct the North Node at 17 degrees of Cancer. Hello fate train. Now this is opposed of course by Saturn, but he also rewards you when you have been doing the work. So as long as you have a plan, are structured, have been disciplined, then this day can be very rewarding. Now if you are not being so, well then Saturn likes to give you a smack up side your head, don't say I didn't warn you. But the Moon in Libra plays moderator today and expects things to be fair and balanced. So this day is definitely what you make of it. The Grand Cross has dissipated, but the Tsquare remains. We do need to make changes, but we are well compensated when we do. Today might just be your first glimpse into what rewards your changes are about to bring you.

Love and Light!

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