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Energycast June 10, 2019

And just like that another weekend in the bag! It was definitely a mixed bag out there of experiences too! I personally found Sunday to be very productive, must be that Moon in Virgo thing making my OCDness uber happy!

The general energy card is the Empress, which bodes well for lots of creativity to get things rolling on a Monday morning. This Major Arcana is the number 3 card. She comes after the High Priestess and before the Emperor. When we are at our peak of creativity, we are experiencing a kind of full ness. Often the picture on this card is a depiction of a woman who looks very pregnant. This means in essence we are ready to give birth to our creativity, to birth new creations, new ideas, new directions. The Grand Cross has pushed us to find our path, and now we want to build new things that continue to move us forward. Even at home you can be refreshing things around the house, updating your gardening. Whatever you are working on you take pleasure in the results.

The relationship energy that is driving our need to create, well....we are ready to cut away some of the dead weight in our lives. Time to go means that a relationship we had or a portion of it at the very least, no longer serves us. You may have finished your karmic debt with this person and are now released. You may be ready to give up on an argument that you are just simply never going to win. Whatever the case may be for you, removing this part of your relationship from you life, will free you up to tap into your creativity. This weight being lifted from your shoulders brings a lightness back into your world again, and from this place you are creating again. You could be singing, dancing, cleaning, weeding, whatever inspires you, coming over to paint my house. You know I am a team player like that, just looking for a way to help the masses! :)

The Goddess energy is Saraswati, and Mastery says we are taking our creative skills to the next level. This is again having a renewed sense of energy that lifts you up and motivates you to learn so that your creations are the best they can possibly be. So take that online course, or enroll in that seminar, open yourself up to learning so you can be a master in whatever area you are called to be creative in.

The numerological energy is an 11. Perfect energy for creating. 11 is the master number of service. What we create today will help others.

The astrological energy still has the Grand Cross in effect today. The way through it is to tap into your creative side and be of service to others. If you focus solely on yourself and find that you are miserable or in some kind of funk, get out and help someone besides yourself today. This is no time for a pity party. No time I say! And do not feed into this by complaining today either. It will only make this worse. The energy will dissipate a bit as the Moon moves off of Neptune, but all of these planets are pushing you to feel what is actually going on in your life at this moment. You are being made aware for a reason. The more off of your path you are the more aware you are being made. Been there it sucks, and I am sorry for anyone experiencing this frustration. However, once you are aware you can take action, and Mars is going to be there to help you and so is Saturn. Get ready for an interesting week for sure!

Love and Light!

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