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Energycast June 1, 2019

Rabbit Rabbit!! Good luck to all during the month of June. Graduations, Father's Day, and Summer vacations all cause for celebration. Now let's see what we need to do today to prepare for the month ahead.

The general energy card today is the 2 of swords. This means we have trapped ourselves in a particular situation and we may not being seeing things quite so clearly. We are stuck in our head with the suit of swords. Going back and forth over something again and again and again. But being stuck is just an illusion. Simply pull off the blindfold so you can see things as they truly are. No smoke and mirrors, just reality. This could be a tough decision for you to make, but in the end it is the right choice to make. Maybe you already made it, and this is a message to you that you did the right thing. The key here is recognizing you are stuck or caught up in a false reality. You think you can't get out of it, but today you can and you will. of course you can stay stuck and miserable, but why???

The relationship energy is the Loyal Heart, this card is being slightly stalkerish lately. Apparently the decision we are working on involves our closest partnerships. If you are not making the decision above out of fear, then this card is here to tell you that this person is being very genuine. Are you? Are you wavering on your commitment to this person? Are you backpedaling after finally taking 2 steps forward? Did you get what you want and now you are in your head about it and doubting the decision? It is time to stop the doubting and trust that you are with this person for a reason right now and you need to see it through. When you are struggling with a choice you need to do the following. Get clear on the question, the real one. Now ask you body how it would feel with option 1, then option 2. How did it react? Which one feels better, and why? Now decide already so this card can be free! :)

The Goddess energy is Skuld, the Future. This means what we decide directly impacts our future. Trust that when you ground yourself as mentioned above and make the right decision, it is because you are being guided to do so. Your actions today directly influence your future. In fact this might be a good day to start working on those Gemini New Moon Wishes. This is all about communication, clear, direct messages you are receiving as guidance. Gemini is the twins of the Zodiac. The celestial makeup in the skies looks like a doorway. What doorway are you looking for? Where are you heading? Use your new moon wishes to get you there.

Numerological energy is an 11, ok you can't make this stuff up, and I don't look at the numbers until I write this. The number 11 is also a doorway and portal to the future we want to build. This speaks of being of service to others. In what way are you serving others? In what way are you helping others? I mean helping, not sacrificing btw.

The astrological energy is love, love, and more love. If you meet someone this weekend chances are it is a lifetime love. Juno the asteroid, that represents the marriage partner in your chart, is in a sextile with Venus. This means we find someone very attractive physically and emotionally. If you want to meet someone, get out and mingle. The Moon will be conjunct with Venus which means you are going to have a sixth sense when meeting this person. Plus this is like love on steroids, so put your credit cards in the freezer before you go out shopping and delete your Apple pay. Luxury is going to be on your mind and it feels good to surround yourself with pretty things. All of this is trining over to Saturn/South Node/Pluto. Karma anyone? This is a fated meeting. So that decision whether or not to pursue this. The answer is yes, yes, yes!! Think Sally when you read that. And if you don't know who Sally is go watch the movie When Harry met Sally. Get out mingle and enjoy this weekend. And if you are already coupled up it is a really good time to take things to a more serious level. You can't just stay at surface level, it is time to go deep within.

Love and Light!

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