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Energycast Feb 28, 2019

Shoutout to my youngest sister as it is her birthday!! We have some pretty positive energy today as well. Magic even.

Our general energy card is the 8 of Autumn/Pentacles. This is a day where we decide to take our knowledge to a higher level. In fact we are rewarded when we make the effort to study something that benefits us and maybe the person we work for. We are honing our current skill set and when we do, we see financial gains. This is a day for dotting your i's and crossing your t's. Don't just skim over anything you do today.

The love energy is Embrace your Emotions. This is a day for making peace with them regardless of how you are feeling. Don't be hard on yourself if you face a disappointment today. If we didn't have hopes and dreams what is the point of being here. But just because something may not workout does not mean we are a failure, it just means there is something bigger going on here and you need to practice some patience. If we all just cut ourselves some slack we would move through disappointments so much easier. On the flip side it is also ok to celebrate your successes. Some of us tend to downplay our success because we feel like we are bragging or because we don't want someone around us to feel bad because things aren't going as well for them. But you should celebrate and get your vibration up and out there for others to be a part of. Be excited, excitement spreads and others will benefit from it. Whatever the circumstance today feel into it, accept it, and then make peace with it.

The action/advice from our Goddess Aine is about our ability to Adapt. She was a Celtic Goddess who could easily move between the world of Fae (fairies) and the Human's. There may be a sudden shift in your circumstances or plans today and you are asked to adjust swiftly. Don't judge, don't regret, just make the shift. There is something bigger at work here, a better way, and instead of stopping short and having a small win, you just might need to wait and experience a bigger one. This is the key to adapting to change of any sort. Those that are Mutable signs of the zodiac are good with this, like Virgos. Change is good will be a great mantra for today.

The numerological energy is a 9, which means we are being moved out of a current situation so we can have our new beginning.

The astrological energy will focus on the Sun today. Both the Moon and Mars are in sextile to the sun. Mars ahead and the Moon behind. It is important as stated above to make peace with your emotions and then take action on them. This kind of energy doesn't come around that often and it would be a great shame to waste it. The best way to take advantage of this is to ask for help in expressing your feelings in a way that is for your higher good and the good of those involved. Then whatever you need to share will come to you easily. Mercury is slowing down, so it is now or several weeks from now before you get a chance to move things forward!

Love and Light!

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