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Energycast Feb 24, 2019

We now enter into the last week of February, things will feel fast this week as Mercury moves ahead and then begins to station to go retrograde at the 29th degree mark. My Saturn sits there so I am expected to get my a** kicked into high gear where my work projects are concerned!! I actually need that. Tedious paperwork is not my friend. Writing and blathering on, that's my thing!! Aren't you lucky??

Our general energy card today is a great gift from the heavens in the form of abundance. The Aces are gifts from God, they appear as if out of nowhere and start us on a journey. Ace of Autumn/Pentacles is good luck where money is concerned. Perhaps you are finalizing a new job, getting your tax refund, even finding a dollar or a penny on the street is a gift. In whatever form this shows up for you it is a happy event. Hmmmm I best go check my lottery tickets!!

The love energy is Look at your Pattern in relationships. Ever seem like you always end up working for the same boss, dating that same person, always fighting with your kids. Guess what buttercup? It's you not them. I know that really sucks to hear, and it is super frustrating, but you are inviting this energy into your life. Here is the thing though, this time it's going to be different, this time you are going to pause and understand why you keep doing it, and then you can stop attracting this behavior into your life. This doesn't mean you have to quit your job, break up with this person or send your kids to boarding school....although I know someone with twins who seriously considers this step! What it means is taking responsibility and owning why you keep having this pattern show up for you. Where is the emotional block within you that needs to be healed. See once you heal then you don't need the pattern to keep showing up for you. Do you need validation from others to feel good about yourself? Do you need people to do what you say the way you say it when you say it? Where does this need for controlling other's behaviors come from? Do you judge others constantly and then cut them out of your life because how they act is in some way a threat for you? Does it seem like you never have enough money? As soon as you get some a disaster happens and you lose it all? The list is endless like the patterns in our lives and in our relationships. But guess what? No not buttercup this time, because that would be repetitive and unoriginal and I don't like being judged. :) The conflict in our relationships is how we learn and grow. This is why we need relationships in our lives, and yes even money is a relationship. We did all come here to grow and learn after all. Today in particular try playing the role of observer, instead of escalating that argument or repeating it yet again. Ask yourself if this person is a reflection of what needs to be healed for me, what is my reflection actually trying to tell me? This takes practice, and if it's a big trigger for you it may only be able to happen as an after thought, but make the effort anyway. Then the next time it presents itself you might finally be able to break the pattern, then it will stop presenting itself to you. This is actually something you can see in your chart and we can work on breaking together. Sometimes an outsiders view makes it easier to accept and see the pattern more clearly.

Our Goddess today is Freya. Doesn't she look like a badass? The story of Freya is she has come to collect the wounded and bring them back to safety to recuperate. This is in alignment with our message above, especially if you have a had a huge disagreement with someone lately. This is not the time to try and fix anything. This is the time to go within, heal your wounds, and try to understand why this battle even happened in the first place. Was there really something at stake here that you just had to win??? Did putting that person in their place really end up making you feel better about yourself. The answer is usually no. Anything that causes you to retreat and put walls up so you don't have to experience something like this ever again is your ego winning. But when you take on losses, take a risk, and keep showing up for the fight, especially the fight for your soul, then you are following your life path. But ego wants you to be afraid, to be defeated, to blame others for your pain, to never take responsibility. Those behaviors keep your ego well fed, and he will keep bringing up more situations like the current one, hoping for the same outcome. Anyone out there watch Lucifer? The undertones in that series for anyone even slightly enlightened are fascinating. Lucifer is the ego after all. Ok now I am off fantasizing about marrying that man because that accent, those dark brown eyes, that beard, that hair, that slight build....maybe he likes older women? But I digress....the message today besides I am going to have a hot husband, is to heal your wounds today. Get out and have some fun, from that place where you feel good, then look at those gashes and bruises. They have a message for you. What is it trying to get you to finally pay attention to and learn? But most importantly heal so this pattern goes away.

Our numerological energy is a 3, which is about our creator and using our creativity. Find your inspiration in this day. Then pay attention to your thoughts while using your creative energy. There is an important message in the day for you.

The astrological energy is bringing us a beautiful snowy wonderland!! We still have the impacts from Pluto/Venus and the sextile over to Mercury. Mars and the Sun are also in good aspect and throughout the day we have the moon joining in adding our emotions and intuition to Mercury and Neptune. You can move something forward today that truly inspires you. Some healing can occur, you just have to drop the ego. No one wins when the fight is all about the ego. Wherever you are stubbornly standing your ground on something out of spite or anger, that is your big clue. No fight is won that wounds the other person. Sure they may withdraw in pain and you might feel victorious? But what have you truly won? The right to brag to your friends? I really showed them they will never trifle with me again??? Woohoo go pick up your gold medal. Not! Your one and only goal in this lifetime is to choose love. That is how you take the power away from your ego. Choose to forgive, choose to accept your role in the disagreement, remember you created the disagreement, then figure out the why. So yes you have big homework today and I don't want any stalker cards tomorrow telling me someone reading this dropped the ball!! NO excuses. Your soul does not care whether you win or lose, you soul wants you to grow from love.

Love and Light!

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