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Energycast Feb 23, 2019

Did you find your balance yesterday? If not you get a repeat chance at it today.

Our general energy card is still the King of Winter. So it would appear we either didn't seek out the advice we needed or we ignored it all together! Now granted sometimes we simply don't like the message we are hearing. It is much easier to blame someone else for how we acted or be resolutely justified that we are right and the other person is wrong. But if your place of power comes from a place of putting someone else down, then you actually have no power at all. Remember the King of Swords has gone through steps 1-13. He had a fresh idea, he made a decision, it caused him heartbreak, he withdrew, he was taken advantage of, he headed to a better place, he was cautious in his new world, too cautious in fact, and there he imprisoned himself with dark thoughts and fears. But finally he had enough of that and thought living a life imprisoned in your own thoughts and fears is no life at all. You can't stop taking risks, being so protective of yourself that you don't let anyone in. And lordy be if you think you can find a perfect person that won't ever trigger you, never say a bad word to you, or never argue, well then you never met me. Ha. Ok but seriously. The King of Winter wants you to know that there is a difference between being in control of your thoughts and words, and trying to control others so you never risk being hurt. The triggers/people in our life show us what we need to heal. So as long as there is healing to do, people will show up to trigger you.

The love energy is, Physical Touch is Important. This is a good reminder that we all need to be around people and share our energy in the form of physical touch. And if you are alone a good massage can do the same. This is an exchange of energy, it's a way of expressing how we feel without necessarily saying the words.

The action/advice card is from our Goddess Lilith, and the message is Independence. This is how we create healthy relationships, from a place of independence. This Goddess did not succumb to the will of a man and was in a sense banished because of it. But she stayed in her power and didn't accept something or some treatment that was not right for her. In today's day and age you would think we have moved past this, yet it is still prevalent, and there are men who still think they hold all the power, are not to be questioned even. But a true leader, a man with real authority recognizes those within his kingdom who are contributors. Valuing different opinions, having a diverse culture is actually what makes the kingdom strong. So what are your values, what do you stand for, what are your boundaries? This is a day to maintain them, while maintaining respect for all involved. But this does not mean you should roll over and let someone bully you today. If someone in your life keeps accusing you of something and they are not taking responsibility for their own actions, then you can walk away in peace knowing you did your best. That is how you take your power back, not in continuing a one sided dialogue with someone too defensive to admit their own mistakes. When we come together from a place of independence we can then form interdependent relationships vs codependent. This is our goal today.

The numerological energy is pretty powerful today. We have the 1, and then two 11 cards. There is a portal open today to manifest the life you want, invite in positive change, and be in a place of self empowerment.

The astrological energy is still very much about Pluto conjunct Venus. Relationships are highly volatile as we work through our karmic patterns. If something is showing up for you as a result it is time to understand it, time to make peace, and time to break the pattern once and for all. It will be almost 2 years before Venus comes around again to meet Pluto in the sky like this. We have 3 planets at the 22 degree mark, Mercury our communication and thoughts is joining in a sextile with Pluto and Venus. 22 is the master builder number. If you were looking for a day where the energy could support good dialogue this could be it. If it was a square you would not go there. The conversations had today are meant to help you focus on what is of true value to you, and to complete your transformation where love relationships, and your relationship with money is concerned. Even if this is just a conversation with yourself. Change your thought patterns and you will change what you are attracting in your life. And if you are just at a total loss give up whatever this situation is to God. This is a great day for an SOS in the sand that simply says, HELP!!

Love and Light!

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