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Energycast Feb 21, 2019

And just like that the moon is no longer full and Thursday has arrived. Our themes today are still forgiveness and moving forward.

The general energy card is 6 of Autumn, which is the suit of Pentacles and finances. We can sure feel the influences already of Uranus getting ready to move into Taurus. We are again seeing financial gain when we are opening ourselves up to appreciation, gratitude and giving to those who need our help. Kinda like oh I don't know a free blog where you can look for advice everyday. Show me the money!! Ok, but for real, it is good to evaluate what you are doing in the world to support others, and no not because you want or expect something in return. Key today is a balance of both giving and receiving.

The Love energy is still focused on Forgiveness. Listen up, let this go. And if it is yourself you need to forgive, just do it. The past is over, you cannot take it back, you cannot undo whatever was said. All you can focus on now is how you want things to be instead. So put that energy out there. Say stories to yourself, to the universe. I am so thankful that we have moved past this incident. I am excited for what the future has in store for us. And imagine the person that you are upset with saying and feeling this same way. They didn't mean it, their ego got the best of them, they are not in a good place. Be the bigger person, forgive them and move on. Whichever scenario reflects your current circumstances see if you can get their. This is very much the 6 of pentacles energy. We will receive what we give in this area today.

Our Goddess advice today comes from Hecate, and she represents the in-between. This is about us taking a leap of faith into the unknown. Letting go of the past and who we used to be and spreading our wings into where we want to be. The thing about living in the past is that it is safe and warm there. We know it, we wear it like a blanket. But the advice of this card is to let go of our blanket, Hello Linus, and use our inner strength to move us forward. The Goddess energy is there for you to call upon it. To help move you forward. This is a great time for expressing gratitude. Whenever you complete a task, take on a new challenge, achieve a goal, express thanks. Be brave and be strong today and take a risk. What is waiting for you on the other side is for your highest good, and will be very rewarding, and I would guess for many in a financial way.

The numerological energy supporting us today is a 9 still. We really are being pushed to move on. Endings bring new beginnings, so welcome them in today.

The astrological energy sees the moon in Libra, which is why we are seeing the financial and relationship messages. For the next 2 days we will be pushed to bring balance to these areas. We will face some emotional triggers, but at the end of the day be able to feel grounded and secure where both are concerned. Hecate is pushing you to make changes here with the support of your intuition and the moon. Then by the weekend with support of Pluto conjunct with Venus you will be ready to complete your transformation.

Love and Light!

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