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Energycast Feb 20, 2019

Happy Hump day, it looks like it will be a bit of an eventful day!

Our general energy card is the Life Experience or Tower card. 16 in the Major Arcana brings about sudden changes. This is very similar energy to Uranus. Lightning strikes, sudden shocks, general chaos. Of course the level of shakeup is very individual, and could just mean you stub your toe and need to pay more attention to where you are going. But do expect some sort of jolt today that causes you to pay more attention to your current situation. The more attention you need to pay to your life the bigger this jolt will be.

The love energy is Forgiveness. This message says perhaps the jolt you experience is the result of someone else's actions, and you will need to forgive them for this mistake. Remember an apology and forgiving someone else is for you! This stops the ongoing fight from continuing in your own head. You don't have to condone the behavior to forgive someone. After all at the end of the day the mistake is not about you, it's about them, and who knows when they will actually forgive themselves for it. But today, you can release this negative energetic attachment and feel much lighter as a result.

The action/advice card is from my brand new deck of Goddesses. And today we have the Hindu Goddess Lakshmi. This says our manifesting powers are very strong today. The key however is to lead with giving and gratitude. Once you do this, whatever you wish to create in your life will come to you easily and be plentiful. Whether this is a new job, a new love, or just more money, you can easily create this in your life now. Amen!

The numerological energy is a 7, but we also have two nines in this mix. Whatever ending happens for you today with the Tower card, it is fated. Do not chase after this, accept it, and know that there is a higher power at work today, and it is not your role to question why this has happened. Whatever the reason for the situation it is necessary, so remember your observer powers and let this go.

The astrological energy supporting our day? We have a Tsquare with the Moon still in Virgo and standing across the sky now from Neptune and Mercury. At the Vertex point is Jupiter. The winner in this is Jupiter. This energy is pushing you to a higher level, it is expanding your mind to reach for a higher purpose. You cannot get away with being emotionally flighty today, you need to be grounded and real. Jupiter is causing this shakeup for you today, so this means it is for your highest good, and not likely to be undone. Whatever your biggest trigger is, be aware, and expect it. Then the surprise won't be such a surprise after all.

Love and Light!!

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