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Energycast Feb 19, 2019

Hello Full Moon in Virgo! I asked our cards today for messages about this full moon and what it is most important for us to know. If you have not already, go check out the blog article where I go into much more detail on all the planet energy.

Our general energy card is the King of Cups/Summer. We are releasing love and attachments to things that are immature where love is concerned, and welcoming in instead a love that is true and much more grounded. The Cups love is wonderful and dreamy, and quite honestly in the hands of someone immature a bit over the top. But the King has become a leader in love. He takes care of his partner and his family. His love is true and honest, and he fought quite a few battles to get here. So if what you are cleansing from your life with this Full Moon in Virgo is a love that has not been in your highest good, there is help on the way! This is a man who is not afraid of love, so be ready, you just might get what you wished for, or you might just become the man you were meant to be. The King of Cups takes care of his family, his Kingdom, and not just with money. The greatest gift he can give them in love, and he does so in a royal way.

Our Love energy supports the above of course, we have Take a Chance on Love. This is about opening doors that we closed long ago. Getting back in touch with our souls and loving as we were meant to. The past is the past. Just because things may not have gone so well back then does not mean they have to forever darken our future. This couple is leaving the darkened shores and heading towards the light. So whether it's starting over, starting new or just reviving something broken, take the risk today, it will be well worth it. This is a day for forgiving and letting love in.

Our action/advice card is the Wizard of Awareness, which is much like our Observer card. We are being asked to be mindful today. Which means staying present. There is a very personal message for you with this full moon in Virgo. The key is to not react to triggers and instead study your trigger. Meaning, people will be put in your path today to test you, and instead of reacting from instinct or bad habit, you need to pause. Look at your choices here and then pick the one that takes you down a new path. All the energy is pointing us forward right now. But we don't need to know the 'where' just yet. We are not concerned with outcomes, we are just interested in the journey. Take this new path that is offered you today.

The numerological energy is a 9, which is all about endings. We need this ending in order to welcome in the new beginning. Let this happen.

The astrological energy is covered in my blog previously posted. So let's spend a little time talking about Mercury retrograde in Pisces. The shadow period has begun. This is the space in the sky that Mercury will travel back over once it begins to move in what appears to be a backward motion. This is where the Wizard of Awareness card comes in for us. From now until March 5th pay close attention to your communications and interactions. Whatever you start now will get a second look, and then a third as Mercury moves forward again. Wherever Pisces is in your chart is getting revamped. In general Pisces rules the feet, the subconscious mind, large institutions, our spirituality. Both Neptune and Jupiter are rulers of Pisces after all. Mercury is a trickster, meaning mind games galore during this transit. But the key is the feet. We need to stay grounded during this transit. So however you get grounded, make that happen everyday during this transit. Earth signs, need to get outside, water signs, in a hot bath, Air signs, flowy movements like Yoga, and Fire signs, you need to work out regularly. When we stay grounded we won't react to our triggers in an out of control way. Then you will look back at this transit and say, hey that wasn't that bad. As always I will be here to guide you and bring you back to that grounding place, so have no fear!

Love and Light!

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