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Energycast Feb 18, 2019

I really struggled with writing this today, which as you know, I am usually not at a loss for words!! But, we have Mercury conjunct Neptune and this will make our thoughts and words a bit foggy. Your best remedy is to use water to clear them. Mercury races around and is fast fast fast. If you have ever driven in the fog you know you have to slow way down. So the message is expect something in your life to present itself that will need to be handled in a slow and measured way. Mercury is going to be moving retrograde shortly, so this will take some time to work itself out. In fact this will last until around March 28th when Mercury will meet with Neptune one last time. You have 3 chances, once as Mercury first makes contact, again as he begins to go backwards, and the final time as he moves forward again. Whatever this 'is' for you will be highlighted this week. Pay attention, you don't want to get absorbed into the fog and mislead, or led astray. And I will warn you now this is a wordy message as a result of trying to fight my way through the fog.

The general energy card is a nice harmonious card, Six of Autumn, which is the Six of Pentacles in traditional Tarot. The sixes in numerology all have an energy of happiness. Whether you are reconciling with a loved one, moving on to sunnier shores, being recognized or feeling financially sound. This day sees you in a happy financial situation. You are either receiving money or sharing your gains with someone in need. The scales will balance out for you today where your finances are concerned. You know why they say what you give returns to you 10 fold? Because when you adjust your frequency to one where you are either giving or receiving gratitude you keep getting shown more situations where that continues to happen. No matter how much money you have today, be grateful for it. Every time you pay a bill, give someone money, get money, thank the universe, your guides and Angels. I am thankful I have the funds to pay this bill. I am thankful I have the opportunity to help this organization. I am thankful for my employer that gives me the money to make my house payment. Be sure to eliminate fear any time you think about your bills, it will just attract more fearful situations where money is concerned. If for instance you are afraid of giving up a day of work, for play, then you are out of balance where money is concerned. It is controlling you, and that is not a healthy place to be where money is concerned. Have faith that choosing a day of play is just as rewarding as a day of 'making' money. Then you will have a perfect balance of both.

The Love energy is The only thing that is real is love. Which is just a repeat of the message above. If everything that happens in your life today was a result of love, just think of the possibilities. You wouldn't be mad at that person you are fighting with, because you would see through the fear. If we make a choice to stay out of anger, fear, and resentment, then there is only love. And if we choose to act from a place of love, well that doesn't leave much room for conflict. I would expect some healing to occur in those little rifts you have going on. And yes this one takes practice, and we will not always do this perfectly. However this is a great intention to set today. I will see only love.

The action/advice card is Rescue. This means for those who might be struggling with financial concerns, since that appears to be today's theme, you simply need to ask and it is given. The most important step once you do ask is to release your attachment to outcomes. When we second guess the universe we just delay what is ours. For some asking for help isn't easy. I know, trust me. I don't even like to read the instruction manual!! I should just be able to do this and not worry about those extra nuts and bolts lying around afterwards!! But there is a reason help is available. Life isn't meant to be so hard. There is a little instruction manual for life and available to you at any time. For some it's the Bible, Astrology, Numerology, Tarot, just to name a few. There are as many teacher's as there are tools as well. Not every teacher is for every person. There is though a vibrational resonance that you will recognize and be drawn to, for instance my website and page. Once you find that person ask for help if you need it. Sometimes it is the simplest of HELP out to God that brings the swiftest of responses. Don't overthink this situation. If it isn't serving you, then get out. Oftentimes it is just the act of showing the Universe that you have faith in a positive outcome that begins the shift. So begin the Rescue today, and ask for help.

Our numerological energy has the 7 on two of our cards, which is our spiritual guidance, but ultimately reduces to a 2. When we are in service to others today, our relationships benefit.

The astrological energy has Mars moving a bit farther away from Uranus, but man that was some seriously crunchy energy yesterday, especially mid-day. And if Mars makes any contact with your personal planets, or especially rising sign you can be a bit more accident prone. So be aware. There is of course the fogginess of Neptune and Mercury, and they are making a harmonious connection to Saturn/Venus. If you do the work this will soften these 2 planets. Saturn and Venus being conjunct this weekend means 2 things, we are thinking seriously about love and money, and our outcome depends on our ability to be disciplined. Saturn is the no nonsense planet of the Zodiac, and you will heed his advice or pay the consequences, because this is very much an I told you so energy. I don't know about you but I really dislike an I told you so. Here is the deal at the end of the day you just need to be responsible in Love and Money. Don't date someone for the sake of sex if they don't know that is all you want. Don't put yourself into debt just to show off to someone else, or make you feel better about yourself. Saturn wants you to be disciplined in love. That means giving as much as you are receiving. You cannot use someone for security and call that love. Saturn is in his home sign, and Capricorn stands for hard work, discipline and security. You cannot skate by now in these areas. You will be shown situations where you need to get honest with yourself, and then need to act. This is the give what you get energy of the 6 of Autumn. So if you don't like what you have in either case, look at what you are putting out there, then figure out how to fix it! It ain't always easy I know.

Love an Light!!

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