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Energycast Feb 14th, 2019

Happy Valentine's Day!! May it be filled with love love and more love. Or stalkers, our cards are definitely stalkers today!! Ok, but only the good kind.

The general energy card is Decision, which in the traditional Tarot is the Devil card. This cards has a lot of different meanings, but ultimately the card is associated with our ego self. It's message is, what are you being bound or tied down by? In a romantic relationship are you obsessed with the passion, but not opening your heart? Could be health related and you are over the top with diet and exercise. This is an area to reflect on today that is a little bit out of balance and taking over, something that keeps your ego fed, but not your soul. It's a day for letting go of something that has you a bit possessed and over the top. At the very least bringing this back into a healthy balance. For some this will just be letting the walls down and letting passion in! So Happy Valentine's Day to you!

And now for the first of our stalker cards, Inner Strength is back again. Ok so here is the thing, usually when a card keeps coming up like this someone needs to book a reading with me. And no that is not a shameless plug for business, but someone does need to hear this message and no they are strong enough to get through this experience. So if it is you dear reader, I am hear to help. Now for the rest of us, this pretend holiday does not need to bring you down if you are single. And just because you aren't single doesn't automatically make it a great holiday. My best advice is be your own Valentine today. Pamper yourself, buy yourself flowers, make yourself a great meal, and pay yourself compliments all day long. You are awesome, and you deserve them.

Next stalker card is Yang! I know I couldn't believe it either. But I did mention yesterday that Mars would be really fired up for a few days. So take advantage of this extra energy for taking action. No holding back, whatever you want, go after it today. There are no stop signs, no caution signs, it is all green lights and smooth sailing.

Our numerological energy is a 9. So we are ready to bring something to a conclusion today. Looks like we can get control over the ego and let that unhealthy bond be broken.

The astrological energy sees Mars at the 0 degree mark of Taurus. This is our self worth, our finances, luxury items, all are highlighted. It is bit more grounded energy being an earth side. But Mars will want to move mountains while it is in the sign of Taurus. This is the areas where action will be needed today. Also today we have the Moon standing across the sky from Jupiter. This expands our emotions, in a way that makes us pay attention to them. What are you being pushed to uncover? This is the energy that is tied to our Decision card. It's the push from the universe to free yourself. Emotions when unhealthy hold us back. Jupiter wants your soul to grow, and can't when we are being overly emotional and attached to outcomes! So let those little birds fly and enjoy the freedom!

Love and Light!

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