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Energycast Feb 13th, 2019

Today we are ready to take some much needed action, we are ready to own our ideas, and make needed changes.

The general energy card is the 5 of Ariel/5 of pentacles traditionally. This card comes up as a reminder to seek the help you need. The 5's are about changes, and the pentacles represent our finances. The advice is to look to others for help and guidance. Your situation is not dire, however to move forward you need to enlist the help of someone who can provide you the guidance you need. So whether you need a mentor in business, or a financial planner, maybe some sort of life coach, all you need to do is ask. Help will be provided for you and changes will start happening so fast you will wonder why you waited so long to seek the help you needed. We are not meant to function alone in our silos. And there is no weakness in asking for help. In fact it is a sign of strength when you are willing to admit you don't know it all. Where are you seeking help?

The love energy card is Inner Strength, and I swear this is a stalker card. Whatever challenges you are having in love, the advice above applies. Sometimes we need a disinterested 3rd party that can help us talk through our challenges. Help us see our blocks to love so we can identify them and then release them. And yes sometimes the letting go part is an actual person. Sometimes we have to let our walls down and let someone in. This is a day for inner reflection and seeing what it is you need to do to move this love situation forward. You can do this, you can have the tough conversations. Once you finally rip this bandaid off you will feel much better in the end. Mars will give you the reinforcement you need in the area of Love. He will not be leaving Aries quietly today, of that you can be sure.

The action/advice card is Yang. Did I mention we were meant to take action today? So fun watching the cards and the planet messages align. This is the moment you have been waiting for, this is the sign from the universe to take a giant leap forward. There is no more time for holding back. With the exact conjunction between Uranus and Mars today, whatever inspiration you get you will be like a bull charging at the red cape. So watch out world, you are on fire! This energy is very passionate, it definitely supports your pursuit of love. And if not love anything that you are truly passionate about, such as a cause, a humanitarian effort even. Just remember that Mars can be a bit reckless. There is after all the chance of being stabbed with a sword behind that cape, so use caution! Plus Mars rules accidents so stay aware and drive safely. This will be with us for a few days too so stay aware at all times. No texting and driving!

The numerological energy is an 8! We are still being reminded how strong we are and how far we have come. Focus on your strengths today, there is zero time for weakness.

The astrological energy I mentioned above, and there is a major shift underway. Some astrologers are a bit more doom and gloom about this energy, but I see hope. You have a chance right now to walk away from something that has been holding you back. As Chiron moves into Aries and Mars and Uranus get ready to move out, this means we can heal the self. In Pisces Chiron had you working on the subconscious level, but in Aries we are aware and awake! We know what we need to do and we are ready to finally take action. Uranus and Mars going through Aries first means the groundwork has been laid, they have cleared a path, now we just have to follow through. So what are you tired of carrying with you since childhood? It will boil down to one memory, one imprint, that you rely on or use an excuse for your current behavior or situation. Are you ready to finally change it, say goodbye once and for all? I am betting on you, and I am betting YES!

Love and Light!

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