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Energycast Feb 12, 2019

Love is in the air and in the cards today. Can we make it trifecta with what lies in the skies? Oh boy this is Mercury in the watery sign of Pisces talking.

Our general energy card is the 2 of Raphael, or 2 of cups traditionally. This is soulmates, true love, fate, destiny all wrapped up in one. Just when you think love has failed you along comes an opportunity today to believe in love again. Soul mates can be a close friendship as well as a lover. Whichever this represents for you today, know that this is a sign from the heavens. This is a person who is meant to be a part of your life. If you have been doubting or wondering, then today you will get a sign that helps convince you of this fact.

The love energy is Choose Love. If you have been quarreling or doubting your partner, then today you must let bygone's be bygone's. This impasse does not serve you. And even if you are just in a huge disagreement with someone else, this is a day for letting it go. Revenge, anger, mistrust, doubt, those are all negative energies and they just weigh you down and hold you back. You in fact are giving your power away to this other person/entity when you hang on to your past hurts and disappointments. Life is so much easier when we just shrug our shoulders and so oh well. I want you to take a moment today and imagine your life if you weren't stressed about the one thing you are always stressed about. How different would you feel? What actions might you take? Where else could you expend the energy instead of on this one person or situation? Choose to look at this situation with love and see how it changes for you.

The action/advice card is In Between Worlds. I love this card because it means when we let this go, and we step into the light a whole new world awaits us. Come out of the shadows and start living again! There is much to be gained by stepping into the light. The dark may have served it's purpose, but you are done hiding in the shadows now and frankly shine your own light. This is the first signs of Spring, this is the completion of your regeneration, this is living in the here and now. I promise you when you step into the light you will be glad you did.

Our numerological energy is the 8, the sign of infinity and strength. You are stronger now, you can face whatever challenge you choose today.

The astrological energy is still all about aha moments and taking our power back. Today the Moon will square the Sun. Something that was presented to you during the new moon, now needs action to be taken. Go back and review my new moon blog for details on your sign. This action step aligns with the between worlds card, this move will put you into the light. Best take it!

Love and Light!

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