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Energycast Feb 11th, 2019

Personally I like waking up to trees that look like they are covered with powdered sugar. It looks like Angel dust out there sprinkled everywhere with little gifts of love. We have another day for reflection.

Our general energy card is the Moon. The moon has no light of it's own and counts on the sun to give it some. When we see the moon card we are reflecting on the part of us that we don't always let the light shine on. The parts we haven't quite made peace with yet, so we don't let them out into the light. The advice today is to go within, listen to your intuition and decide what is ready to be brought out from the dark recesses of your mind. Allow this to come forth, and then simply let it go. It is doing you no good in there, in fact it just weighs you down. If you can't let this go all the way just yet, at least leave it at the door when you head into work, or into the next room, or wherever you can leave it for awhile so it stops weighing you down. Eventually you will forget to pick it back up again.

Our love energy today is the Romance card, I guess this makes sense as we are coming up on Valentine's day. What are you planning? What special effort do you want to make to romance your partner, or yourself? You do not have to be in a relationship to celebrate love. In fact if you aren't it's a great day to spread the love to others so that you receive it back tenfold. The message today though is to get started now, it almost means more when you express your love and there isn't any special occasion.

The action/advice card is the Observer. We should have been reminded a lot lately about not getting sucked into the drama of what is going on around us, trying to know before we need to what the Universe has planned for us. Patience grasshopper patience. If you feel trigger this is a great reminder to follow the advice of the Moon card above. What is this about? What dark shadow is trying to make its presence known so you can deal with it. This card says we don't need to particularly take any action today. Just observe and wait and let the truth unfold for you.

Our numerological energy is again the 11 which reduces to a 2. Clearly relationship energy is highlighted, and we need to focus on helping our loved ones feel the love from us today.

The astrological energy has us more grounded with the Moon moving into Taurus, and forming a trine with Venus. This is why our relationship and love energy is so strong today. You can make strides in relationships today, it is easier to express how you feel, in fact you feel very comfortable sharing some of those shadows with someone you love. Mars and Uranus on inching every closer together, so there will continue to be aha moments, and sudden changes of direction. Just remember to observe, don't necessarily react just yet.

Love and Light!

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