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Energycast April 9, 2019

We have some pretty awesome energy lined up for today so let's jump right in.

Our general energy card is the Knight of Water/Cups. This is someone who comes into your life and makes you an offer of love. He moves pretty quickly too. His heart is definitely in the right place, but he may be a little over the top as he is still getting the love thing down. He isn't a King or Queen after all, so he is still treating love a little like a victory to be won, versus something that should be nurtured and cherished. But it will feel good regardless so enjoy. You yourself might become swept up in something you love as well.

Our love energy messages I am shifting to the Wisdom of the Oracle deck. Trying to keep things fresh since it is Aries season still. Our card today is Deep Knowing. This is a moment where you just know this person is the one. You won't second guess it at all. Fated encounters, chance meetings, all are possible. And in your existing relationships you come to an awareness with each other, and the next step becomes very clear to both of you. Trust your gut instincts where love is concerned today and you can't go wrong.

The action/advice is from our Goddess Isis, Rebirth is showing up again for us. And since it is all about love today this is really a repeat of the 2 cards above. There are soulmates reuniting, there are lovers returning from the past, and there is definitely the energy we need to heal from past heartbreak. All Isis needs is for you to do the work. Rebirth doesn't just happen to you. You have to decide you are going to work with this. You know like Dumbledore's bird, he will be called to you and provide you what you need. But you have to be a match to him. And then you basically exhaust him and he burst into flames, but hey you got what you needed right?? And my Harry Potter fans out there, you are welcome. :)

The numerological energy is of course a 5, because big changes are on the horizon.

Astrological energy - why so much love?? Because today we have the beginning of Neptune and Venus meeting in Pisces. Venus loves being in Pisces, because Venus loves feeling in love. And with all this watery energy she is literally swimming in it! This is beautiful and in most cases it is very beneficial. But with all things Neptune you just need to be aware of the foggy energy, the deception, the rose colored glasses. This will definitely depend on what is going on in your chart. In general though, the flowers will be prettier, and so will you. Your favorite songs will be on the radio and there won't be any traffic on the way to work. Ok, that last part might be a big fat lie, but blame Neptune. Relationships that start over the next few days have a good chance of turning into something long lasting. So make those dates, carve out the time to show someone how much you love them. Feel into this and don't let this energy pass you by without enjoying it. Mercury is also still making good contact to both Saturn and Pluto, so our mind and our words are purposeful. We can express ourselves powerfully where love is concerned. If anyone out there gets engaged I want to know!!

Love and Light!!

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