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Energycast April 7, 2019

There is just something about music that really lifts up the spirit and the soul. The same can be said of community. When we come together in harmony magic can happen.

The general energy card today is the High Priestess and she has a message for you. When you listen and take action you cannot be led astray. So how do you know it's your intuition talking and not your ego? There is just a calm sense of knowing, you feel complete peace. This isn't where you sit down and write out a list of pros and cons, you don't have to, in your heart you just know. And you don't doubt or question the next steps, they just flow to you naturally. The advice of this card is just be open, don't to try to 'make' things happen, doors will open for you when you 'allow'. This is a hard one for those that have a lot of Mars energy and want to take control and drive drive drive things to happen. In reality though, all you are doing is keeping yourself so busy you are no longer aware of what your path actually is meant to be. So pause today, check in, and see inside yourself, it is within where you are needed most.

The love energy is a stalker card!! Alright who did it? Who didn't believe and didn't Take a Chance on Love yesterday?? So now it is Groundhog Day and you get to do this one all over again. I don't know about you but that movie kind of annoyed me. I mean how many second chances do you need to get something right? Hmmm maybe my dating life does actually resemble this remark in general, but it wasn't me yesterday!! Ok moving on...all jokes aside, but not really because this is me we are talking to. Maybe this person or situation is outside your norm, but you will never know what might happen if you only open up to the possibilities. The High Priestess is here to guide you in particular in this area, so let her energy in.

The action/advice card is from our Goddess Saraswati, and she reminds you of Mastery. You have something to gain by being an expert in your field. Meaning you need to study study study. We all are here to learn, and if you think just because you graduated, you don't have to learn anymore, well this Goddess begs to differ. Even the experts have someone they turn to. We all should remain open to learning from others. Who are your spiritual teachers? When is the last time you opened a book that wasn't fiction? Have you tried meditation or yoga yet? What inspires you? What area of your life do you want to improve? The High Priestess will send you the teacher you need if you are open to her.

The numerological energy is the 6. We are in a state of receiving from other's today based on the cards above.

The astrological energy has the Moon in Taurus which helps us to be much more grounded with our emotions. Mercury is continuing to move forward and today is in an exact sextile with Saturn. When our mind is structured as it is with Saturn we know what we need to do and we know exactly how to do it. We have the light of the New Moon upon us today and this is the first time you may be seeing some of those manifestation efforts coming to light. Accept the download that is coming through for you today and watch those wishes unfold like little miracles.

Love and Light!

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