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Energycast April 6, 2019

There might be a few emotional surprises in store for you this Saturday. Uranus will join with the Moon today and anything goes!

Our general energy card is the Magician, #1 of the Major Arcana he represents a fresh start, manifesting our dreams, and using all our skills to make things happen. The Magician will show you how to use all the magic in the Tarot deck. Today you can use the Pentacles to gain money, the Cups to gain love, the Swords to out smart the competition, and the Wands to find your inspiration. Used all together they make magic happen for you. There just might be something up your sleeve after all!

The love energy is Take a Chance on Love. The message is don't give up just yet. Things are about to get much better for the two of you. You are leaving the stormy skies behind and what's ahead looks actually pretty magical. Be open to love, share your feelings, and trust that there is something better just across the horizon.

The action/advice is from our Goddess Isis, she is helping you through your transformation process, this is a time for rebirth. She is magic, much like the Magician. But she helps you create the miracles within yourself. When we let go of blame, shame, abandonment issues, grudges, it can feel like a miracle has happened. Miracles are after all just a shift in perspective many times. When we stop believing the worst in people suddenly they change. When we decide we are breaking up with the shame we held onto because of a past mistake, suddenly new doors open for us. Every miracle starts with a change within you. Whether you believe in yourself again, or believe in someone else. You can create miracles today with the help of the Goddess Isis, or whoever else you lean on for guidance. Regardless Magic and Miracles can occur today.

The numerological energy is a 3. As we tap into our creative side, make peace with our creator, we bring miracles to life.

The astrological energy has the moon starting to gain the light, and today joined with Uranus means our emotions, our intuition, our sense of security might just get a shakeup. I actually had the Tower card in mind as I drew the cards, and while I didn't pull it this energy can feel very similar. Expect the unexpected and the day will go just fine. Try to control outcomes...not so much. By midweek next week things are going to get very crunchy, and I mean very. So spend some time this weekend focusing on getting grounded. Mentally find your happy place and then be prepared to recall it as the Sun is going to start squaring against Saturn and Pluto. It's getting hot in here will be an understatement. And if you have planets in Capricorn just breathe people just breathe. This will pass but it will be with us for several days. If there aren't some major exposures next week, I will be very shocked. Meaning this College scandal thing will feel like a Kindergarten scandal, or a major downgrade in comparison. The ego is going to get a wakeup call from these 2 and it won't be pretty. Stay in alignment stay in alignment, go to your happy place, go to your happy place. Ohhhmmmmm.

Love and Light!

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