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Energycast April 5, 2019

It's a new moon and I am starting a new routine! In order to get you prepared for your day I am going to load this the night before. Look out for my full New Moon article in a separate post.

Our general energy card for the New Moon in Aries is the Star Card!! Wow! What a great omen for our month ahead. We can manifest our dreams, in fact we can do so easily. The only caveat is you must be patient. Hang on to hope and don't lose faith. What you are wishing for is coming true, but on its own timeline, so do not try to push this into fruition. Instead before you go to bed tonight, write out your wishes, thanking the Universe for fulfilling them. Don't state them as I wan't. Instead state them as I am so thankful now that I have the self confidence to pursue this job that is perfect for me, because it allows me to work from home, spend more time with family and have better work, life balance. That of course is just and example, but it gives you the best way to structure a wish. What do you want? Why do you want it? And how will you feel when you have it? You get 10, so get crackin!!

Our love energy is Soul Connection. There is a lot of karma involved in this New Moon. We still have the South Node conjunct with Pluto. You will be shown repeatedly how you give your power away in relationships, and what it will take to get your power back. Your relationship connections are soulmate connections, karmic lessons for some, and maybe even a twin flame. You feel a soul connection immediately. This person feels very familiar to you and like you have always known one another. Sometimes we cross paths with people from a past life in order to clear our karma in this lifetime. Others will just finally come together because they have completed their lessons and are ready to be together in this lifetime. Whatever your connection during the New Moon it will be very profound and can alter your current life path.

The action/advice is from the Goddess Mnemosyne, and she is also helping us accept the lessons of the past. There is a profound lesson and growth opportunity with the New Moon. We have a chance to really break free and experience a life altering breakthrough by being able to look at our past in a way that moves us forward. We can disengage from the emotional chains and instead see things like the Queen of Air/Swords does, very logically. And when we are able to get past the emotions and see the reality of the past, we are free. Everything about it changes, our memories change, our cells change, our physical pains are even released. Cells are water, and water holds memories and emotions. This is why snowflakes that are spoken to lovingly are beautiful and one's spoken to with angry words turn out harsh and jagged. Same is true when you talk to your plants! You want to really be successful manifesting? Say positive affirmations to your water, then drink it. Try it for 7 days and see what miracles happen for you. There is a hidden jewel from your past that will set you free. Will you find it?

The numerological energy is an 8. You have the power to create whatever you truly desire with this New Moon in Aries. So who do you really want to be? Can you be more authentic? And if you are loving where you are right now, how do you keep the momentum going? You can do this!

The astrological energy is hmmmm I don't know....oh yah a New Moon in Aries. This is the first sign of the zodiac and it represents the self. #1 is also for leadership and new beginnings, meaning you have a chance to transform the self. The Sun and the Moon are joined during the new moon so we have our ego and our emotions working together to create what it is we want for ourselves. What we achieve in this new moon period before the next full moon in Libra in 2 weeks time, is going to help us improve our relationships. You have a chance to improve many areas in your life when you first focus on improving your self. This includes your health, your attitude, your outlook, and your ability to love and be loved. The more you up-level these areas right now the bigger the rewards. Go big or go home. Actually you can go big when you come home to the 'self' you are meant to be. Mars is the ruler of this Moon, and he is where you want to focus your attention for the month ahead. Mars in Gemini means we can finally move our thoughts out of the past. (I will post my article for what house this will impact for you based on your personal chart, separately.) Just remember what ever great ideas are brewing for you right now will do best if you take action after the 7th. So for now, keep planning, a very Gemini thing to do!

Love and Moonlight!

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