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Energycast April 4, 2019

I don't know about you, but when the moon get's dark I get drained! If you are influenced by the Moon, you might feel this way for the next several days as we have the new moon tomorrow. Are your wishes/intentions ready?

Our general energy card is the Queen of Air/Swords. There is a reason she has an owl on her shoulder, she is the wise one of the Queen's. She knows how to separate her emotions from her mind, and as a result make decisions that are logical. If you need to solve problems, get through a pile of paperwork, analyze anything, this is the day. This energy is Mars in Gemini. Our minds are on fire, we are motivated to get organized, and we might be talking a little more heatedly. Just be aware. The words you speak or someone speaks to you can be a little sharper at this time. Pay attention to the intent of those words and not just their delivery.

The love energy is New Love! Woohoo for those who are looking for love. This can be a new relationship, a new level in a relationship, or something new like a hobby or job that lights you up inside. Whatever it is it sure feels good, and helps to keep you motivated. Pass this feeling along today so you can receive more of it!

The action/advice comes from our Goddess Hera, she shows up when we need to be focused on our partnerships. This new love you find today will help you and the person you are interacting with to grow to new levels. Alliances help us achieve our goals faster. When we share the workload, things become much easier. The energy of Neptune when used properly helps us see our creative and spiritual side. When used negatively we delude ourselves and hide from the truth. The new moon coming up is asking you to choose. And then entire next year will carry forward this decision. So tune in and make sure why you are making the choices and decisions that you do. Is it ego or for your soul? Think this through carefully the Queen of Air says.

The numerological energy is the 2, which highlights our partnerships, our friendships and the need to be balanced. You can no longer expect others to wait around while you get your crap together. An alliance means you both benefit. Someone who doesn't pull their own weight is not serving your highest good and it might be time to move on.

The astrological energy has the Moon in it's Balsamic/Dark Phase. This is asking us to go within and reflect. With the light off of our emotions we can get in tune with them a little more easily. There is a quietness there for a reason. However the moon is in Aries so this always makes our tempers a little shorter, and our patience, wait what patience? Also today we have Mars in a sextile over to Chiron. This is a last push to complete this phase of healing. To take our power back, and decide who we want to be. Are we hanging on to the past, and our wounds. Or are we ready to say, you know what, you don't own me anymore. Yes that happened to me, so what? Yes they/that hurt me, so what? I am still standing, and everyday is one day farther away from that time. I can keep lamenting what is lost or focus on creating what it is I wanted to have back then, now. Live in the now. That is what Mars is saying. You may have lost a battle, but you will not lose the war. So put on your big girl/big boy pants and stop even giving energy to the past. Stop talking about it, unless you are talking about the solution. It cannot be undone, but it doesn't have to live on unless you keep bringing it back to life. If it doesn't serve your highest good, let this die. It is Spring now and if it didn't survive the winter there is good reason. No it doesn't need more fertilizer, more of your attention, just a little more nurturing. If it needs to survive it will, all on it's own. But you don't have to own that. Focus on you.

Love and Light!

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