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Energycast April 30, 2019

These next few days will feel a bit like Mercury retrograde has come back, don't shoot the messenger. With a square to Pluto/South Node/Saturn and all in retrograde, well Mercury is having a bit of trouble getting things moving forward. So don't push!

Our general energy card is the 4 of Autumn/4 of Pentacles. This is a good time to review your finances. The 4's are about building our foundations. There are 4 legs on a chair for example and each one should be touching the ground at the exact same point so we remove the wobble. Reviewing your financial goals, especially while Mercury is faux retrograde is a great practice today. In some cases I see this card as showing us where we may be being a little too stingy, or perhaps closed off. We should not hold on so tightly to our money that we develop a sense of fear around spending. Again we are striving for balance in our spending. Save some, spend some. And a great way to do that is to say I trust that the Universe will provide for me, so I can make this purchase now. I am thankful I have the ability to make this purchase now. The money I use to make this purchase helps someone else put dinner on the table. Even when you are paying a bill. :)

Our love goals today are around Exchanging Gifts. We are being encouraged to open our heart and share ourselves today. This a healthy give and take atmosphere in our partnerships. We receive what we give, but we do not give just to receive. This is lovely Yin energy represented by the color pink on the card and the number 29, which reduces to the Master Number 11. In our service to others, our relationships blossom.

Our Goddess energy today is Hera, again the focus on our partnerships. We benefit from working together, sharing the workload, creating alliances with others that help us achieve our overall goals.

The numerological energy is a 6. This is a love filled day, with a healthy balance of giving and receiving.

The astrological energy has the square building as I mentioned above. This is something from the Mercury retrograde that you reviewed but may not have taken action on. If you fight letting this go, it will feel very uncomfortable. However, if you just get in the flow you will understand why it will take less energy to just release your hold on whatever this represents for you. Don't fight just to fight, it is a complete waste of energy. Instead use the sextile between Mars and Mercury to take action that is beneficial to your goals. Don't hang onto something just because you can. Mercury is our communication skills, our organizational skills. If there is a major paperwork task you have been meaning to tackle use Mars energy to get it done. Clear that clutter, which is letting go of the past and it will be smooth sailing.

Love and Light!

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