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Energycast April 3, 2019

Today our creative energy is on high! It's a 3 day and I pulled two 3 cards. So if you were looking for a little inspiration today is the day.

Our general energy card is the Empress, and she represents creativity being the 3rd card in the Major Arcana. This is giving birth to new ideas, finding inspiration and coming in contact with people that can help us launch our dreams. This day could bring the beginning of a new phase in life, or bring the culmination. It does take 9 months on average to gestate and bring a life into this world. This is really beautiful energy when we tap into it.

The love energy is Forgiveness. This is our new stalker card. Maybe this is finally the day you let this grudge go. It really is just weighing you down. So let go and let God handle it. Karma is on high with the South Node on Pluto right now. Come uppance will be had for those not living in their highest good right now. So let this be and just know you are loved and these other people are on a journey to learn something that you don't necessarily need to teach them or hold them accountable for. Being forgiving of others releases you from a negative cord of attachment, which is like a huge weight being lifted off your shoulders. Try it, you might like it. And if it is yourself you need to forgive, just do it. We cannot undo the past, we can only learn from it. So accept the lesson and move on.

The action/advice is from our Goddess Arianrhod, and the message is Time. And again we have the 3 card, so creator and creativity are influencing our concept of time. We cannot control outcomes, and this is why. There is a bigger plan and the Universe knows what it is. We don't. So when we try to push against the current of time, we often hit a brick wall. Our Celtic Goddess today says trust, and things will come to you at exactly the right time. In fact if you stop trying too hard to 'make' things happen, and just let them happen, things will move much faster. Take your focus off of whatever is consuming all of your attention. If you meditate for at least 15 minutes then you can at least put yourself in a position of allowing. This is when thoughts, ideas, and enlightenment happen.

Numerological energy of course has the influence of the 3 as mentioned above. But all 3 cards add up to an 8. The infinity symbol, representing our power to create today.

The astrological energy will start to see the moon in total darkness as we approach our New Moon in Aries. I will do my separate blog on this, but start working on your wishes for all things related to improving self, taking action, and leadership. Aries is ruled by Mars and the first sign of the zodiac. This means fresh starts, new beginnings, and they can kick off as soon as you see the light of the moon return, about the 7th. But before we get there the Moon is powering up with Pluto/Saturn and Jupiter. We are being urged to get in touch with our Spirituality today, to realize we are powerful creators in our own right. We make magic happen everyday when we are in the flow. Tap into this and you will know where you are heading with the new moon. This is a reminder to stop giving your power away to other people and outer circumstances. You and only you are in control of your emotions. As soon as you react to someone else you give your power away, they are controlling you. This is probably the biggest lesson we have to learn in this lifetime. I know it is for me, because chocolate owns me, oh and potato chips, and let's not forget cheese glorious cheese. :) . Ok, but seriously, pay attention to why you are reacting today, for good and bad. You might just learn something.

Love and Light!

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