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Energycast April 25, 2019

Ohhhhmmmm if you feel triggered today go back to center before you take any action that isn't motivated by love. And no I don't mean the 50 shades kind! Yep it's that kind of day!

Our general energy card is a repeat message. I even tried to put this card away in the wrong deck and it still came back up, so it really wants to be heard. We find success through our independence when we see the 9 of Autumn/Pentacles card. You are able to manage everything on your own, your finances, your problems, and you do it with femininity, not masculine energy. Women this isn't the best card when looking for love, but it is when you are looking for a job. Not only will you find one, but you will be very successful running it. And if you are looking to start your own business this is a sign that you need to do just that.

Today I asked what our relationship goals are and my favorite card Soul Mates, came up. In order to call in your soul mate you have to be on the same frequency. You have to release past life karma, you have to bring closure to any existing relationships, and you have to be willing to hand over the key to your heart. There is no shame in where you have been with past relationships. We are not in the 1950's where women relied on men to provide for them. We are almost into 2020, and marriage has changed. So let go of any guilt you are holding onto. Marriages end, people break up, we learn our lessons, and our energy no longer matches and we move onto our next lesson. You always know a soul mate when you meet them, their energy is immediately recognizable, they are like a warm fuzzy blanket on a cold winter's day. Ahhh doesn't that sound nice. If this is the kind of love you want, make a commitment to it and let down your walls. Then he/she will show up.

The advice card is from our Goddess Oshun and as you may recall her message is about Generosity. This is why we attract our soul mate, by opening our heart and giving the love we want so badly to receive, even when you feel like those around you don't seem to act like they want or deserve it. Express gratitude for all you have, all the things you love, and see what flows to you today.

The numerological energy of these cards adds up to the number 9, we are ready for closure with relationships in the past. We are ready to release the pain we associate with them and instead see the lesson there. What was the pain actually calling our attention to and trying to teach us?

The astrological energy has the Moon conjunct with Saturn, South Node exactly, and Pluto just a few degrees away who is stationing and about to go retrograde. Which is really the Earth just taking about 4 months to make a big turn on the track in the sky so it looks like Pluto is going backwards. The Moon is our emotions, our intuition, our security. Saturn is the ruler of Karma and Time. South Node is the past and something we need to let go of or move on from. It would not surprise me in the least if someone from your past shows up for you today so you can bring some unresolved Karma to a close. Or if there is something you let go of today tied to past pain. And this time it is for good.

Love and Light.

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