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Energycast April 24, 2019

Mars will push you to want to take risks with your Pisces energy, and if you are a risk taker this can lead to accidents. Best to use the energy to create something instead of do something over these next few days.

The general energy card speaking of creating things is the 9 of Autumn/Pentacles. This has an entrepreneur energy to the day. You are focused on building your own success. Even if you work for someone else you are coming up with your own ideas to make things better for the collective. With the 9 energy you are also bringing something of a financial nature to a close. This is a great place to use your Mars energy today, so go for it.

The relationship energy is Yang, our take action energy and the 1 card in our Oracle deck. Did I mention Mars is really pushing us to take action today? This card is Mars, we are the aggressor, we are the one to make the first move, we are fired up. If there has been something brewing just below the surface in your relationships then today it won't remain below the surface any longer. But pause and really feel into the emotions you are feeling before you blast the person in front of you. What is all this pent up anger and frustration really about below the surface? Because we have a square over to Neptune, and that is very much below the surface energy. Is it really about the other person? Or is this about you feeling insufficient and blaming the other person for reflecting back what you are feeling about yourself? Channel this energy into bringing a project to a close that you are working on with a partner instead of trying to resolve issues. Let those lie until later in the weekend.

The advice today comes from our Goddess Oshun and she speaks of Generosity. The message is to give of yourself without expectation of getting anything in return. She was a river goddess which means she understood what it means to be in the flow. When we express gratitude for everything in our lives, and I mean everything, then we can't help but be in the flow. Ever have trouble falling asleep? Instead of counting sheep, count your blessings. Literally say thank you for everything from the roof over your head to the sheets on your bed. Here is where you learn to break the cycle of being in a co-dependent relationship. We do not need to do things for other people so they will love and depend on us, we simply do them because it is the right thing to do. Where are you giving only to expect something in return? Never give beyond your means and drain your energy for another, giving does not mean sacrificing ourselves. Focus your Mars energy on being of service to someone who is in need. Make a difference today.

The numerological energy of these 3 cards above adds up to the 5. The 5's easily accept change. In fact the mantra of the day is Change is Good, which is my mantra, and my life path number is a 5 and lord knows it's always changing. :)

The astrological energy has the square with Mars and Neptune building as they are 1 degree apart. But planets do not need to be exact for us to start feeling the influences which is why I said at the beginning of the week things would be crunchy. This is radicalism at the extreme. This is exactly the battle going on in Sri Lanka right now. This is the darkness fighting to overcome the light, and the only way darkness knows to battle is with fear. So that is your clue today, if you are feeling fearful about something, don't take the bait and overreact. In fact do nothing. Use Mars to channel your energy internally and focus on a trapped emotion or experience that is holding you back. The person who is pissing you off to the high heavens or people, is showing you something about yourself that you need to see. Especially if it is a repeating pattern. You aren't really mad at them, you are mad at yourself for being triggered, again. The moon is in Capricorn so the key will be to ground ourselves. You can visualize grounding, you can go out with bare feet and walk on the ground, you can wear browns, you can work with the window open and bring nature in. It's important to do in preparation for tomorrow's emotional intensity. Watch for the twitterstorm tomorrow, it should be quite a show. Mars does not want to be reminded that our Spirituality (Neptune) offers another way. He wants to fight, fight, fight, win, win, win at all costs. But Neptune is saying there is a better way, tune into your intuition to hear what that is.

Love and Light!

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