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Energycast April 23, 2019

Did you have any aha moments, or receive any surprises yesterday? The Sun is still in close contact with Uranus today and added to that we have Venus conjunct with Chiron. And that means we are healing with love today!

The general energy card speaking of love is the Lovers card, which is number 6 in the major arcana. The 6 energy is very loving, its energy has us looking for balance in our relationships with all things, but with the lovers it is focused on love. This is the outcome you seek in a love relationship reading. This is a person you are bound to karmically, there is past life work to be done here specifically. As a general energy card this means we are working with something important in our love relationships and moving them on to the next level. It could be a breakthrough kind of day where solutions suddenly appear that you never thought were possible.

The relationship advice card is a stalker card, but if we are going to have one Treasure Island is where we want to be. More rewards today in our partnerships, not just love, but business and friendships. But again the message is the same as above, something moves your important love relationships forward and you can find the hidden treasure.

The Goddess advice is Yhi, representing the Sun and your overall need to shine your light. Oftentimes we dim our own light because there are those around us struggling and we feel bad that we actually are doing so well. The message is 'don't do that!!' You are meant to shine brightly, you are meant to be an example to others, and you do not need to be self-deprecating because of your success. Do not feel bad about spending the money you earn, having nice things, and being grateful for them. You are an example for others. Anyone who shies away from your light is stuck in their own darkness, which is their path not yours. So shine bright like the Sun, in a fun childlike way and you will lift others up with your energy today. *insert note here to not attract blood sucking bugs, and use your environmentally friendly bug spray as appropriate.

The numerological energy has the 3 energy, so we are creating the success we want in our love relationships.

The astrological energy I mentioned briefly above. Sun and Uranus are still close enough to send you little jolts of awareness and now we have Venus and Chiron using love to heal us.

With this energy we have the chance for an aha moment that let's us heal a wound from our past. There is something you are hanging onto in a memory stuck in some cells somewhere in your body, and it is creating a repeating pattern. Today you can break that pattern by showing yourself some self-love. We need to stay in the present moment. There is literally nothing that happened to you in the past that should be allowed to hold you back now. The past is over, it didn't happen because you were bad, you weren't loveable, or you didn't deserve to be happy. It simply happened, now it's done. And now you get to make different choices, and treat people better than you were treated. Break the cycle of pain, and seek love instead. Not from others, but for yourself. From this place you will heal, and you can help others heal should that be your path. Detach from the fear and pain and look for the lesson instead, I promise you it is there if you just look for it.

Love and Light!

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