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Energycast April 22, 2019

Happy Earth Day! What seeds will you plant today?

Just when we thought the energy of the full moon had passed us by along comes the Sun conjunct Uranus in Taurus, which we have not seen since 1942. Surprises are in-store for you today!

Our general energy card is the High Priestess which leads me to believe something unknown will be revealed to you. It could be subtle, but with Uranus involved it is likely to give you a bit of a jolt. It isn't necessarily negative, it is just unexpected like the Tower card. It is the number 2, it is major arcana card so it is of a heavier weight than the lower cards. The 2's represent our partnerships, and our need for balance. Therefore today's news may do something to bring them back to where they need to be. Aha moments are on the agenda. Plus it is the 22nd, more 2 energy. Pack your patience, detach, and see this message clearly.

The relationship energy is Treasure Island, so what you learn today is meant to be very rewarding to your partnerships. Remember this can be work, love, family and friends. Perhaps a new endeavor will get kicked off today and there is a financial reward for doing so. Making it to Treasure Island means all of your wishes and dreams are coming true.

The advice is from our Goddess Ma'at, who represents the truth. We need to be completely honest with ourselves and our partners. Only when we live in truth are we in the flow. Ma'at represents the balance of the number 2 above. She brings divine order and rewards us for being truthful. Perhaps Uranus and the Sun give you what you need to share your truth with someone you care about. Have no fear Ma'at says, speaking your truth will bring you to Treasure Island, even if it doesn't feel that way at first.

The numerological energy is a 5, so there is a change coming, be open and remain flexible with the news you receive.

The astrological energy is super crunchy and it will be all week. Today is intense, Thursday is intense with Mars in a square to Neptune. Do not let your ego mind run amuck. It is going to be very foggy and creating arguments that don't really exist, have you creating things that are not really true, just to keep you swirling in negativity. Mars' purpose is to make you act, not just pray. Use his energy as inspiration, not consternation. But he wants Neptune's rose colored glasses to come off and see things as they really are. Including how you see yourself. Talk about truth's, they are coming whether we like it or not. Yoga, meditate, stay in the moment. You know why yoga forces you to stay in the moment? Because you will fall over if you don't!!! So you can't think about anything else while you do it. In mediation the thoughts you need to face will surface. Choose your path and stick with it this week and I will see you safely on the other side!

Love and Light.

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