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Energycast April 21, 2019

The cards are speaking loud and clear on this Easter Sunday. Will you be open to receiving His gift?

The general energy card is the 10 of Air/Swords. I can't think of a better card to symbolize the message of this day. Your suffering has come to an end. You are ready to move forward in whatever area this represents in your life. By the time we get to the 10 we have faced our fears, pushed through our painful thoughts, dealt with the people who have betrayed us. After all of that you are still here, you have survived and now you are ready for something better. You are risen.

The relationship message is Yin. The way forward is to remain open to love. It would be very easy after the 10 of swords energy to shut yourself off from everyone you love and never 'feel' anything again. But that is not the way. People who cause you pain are on a journey of their own. Don't give your power away by continuing to punish yourself because someone took their love away from you. In reality they can't actually do that. They might remove their physical presence but we are always connected to those we share a life path with. So send those who have caused you pain love on this day, and then remain open to receiving love yourself. Love is what conquers hate, it takes the power from hate away. Don't feed the fear monger, be a representation of love instead.

The action/advice is from our Goddess Green Tara, and the message is Salvation. I can't make this stuff up people. :) . Her message is that you came her to learn and grow. When times are tough it is meant to push you to become all you are meant to be. You have the help you need if you only ask, and then have faith that it will be delivered. You do not need to know when, where or how, you simply need to believe. When you do, miracles will happen, say in I don't know like 3 days or something. There will be those who have lost their way, and think that power and money are the answers, and they will forever be wrong. The answer is love and faith. When you have both you are actually the most powerful form of self you can ever be. The message of this day is to prove to others that you will not be stopped by hate and fear, in fact you can't be. Those who live in ego will continue to try, but ultimately they will fail, and you will rise again. That is what comes after the 10 of swords, you become a Knight and you will be a force to be reckoned with.

The numerological energy is an 11. The master number of service. There is a portal of manifestation open for you today. What is you want to create? Where can you be of service to others today?

Astrological energy has the South Node exactly conjunct with Saturn at 20 degrees. This is the removal of structures, restrictions, organizations, anything that is holding you back from being able to focus on being the loving and nurturing person you are meant to be. In the real world we will continue to see government and religious structures being taken down as a symbol of what needs to be changed. Anything that separates and divides you is not love. The North Node is opposing Saturn now, and we have to find the balance between work and family. As these planets touch your personal planets you will see the structures you have built to 'protect' yourself taken down as well. There is a good middle ground so find it, otherwise the universe is going to remove the blockage for you. I promise you when you are on your death bed from working so hard it is your family who will be by your side, not a dollar bill, and in most cases not your employer, definitely not the government. If they were that means you have found perfect work life balance. You are meant to have joy, love and fun in your life, not just work. Work, work, work is Yang energy, in most cases. There are some who have found a way to make work joyful and loving, so it no longer feels like work. They are the examples we are trying to achieve with our Yin energy.

Love and Light and Happy Easter!

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