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Energycast April 20, 2019

If pot is legal is it still called 420 day??? Keeping it brief today as I am headed to the Tacoma Psychic Fair for the day. Love to have some of you out to see me there.

Our general energy card is the 8 of cups. The full moon has shown you a situation that you are ready to walk away from and today you will make the first steps towards doing just that. The good news? This means a new pathway is opening up for you. It really is true when one door closes another door opens.

The relationship advice is Deep Knowing. This is that door presenting itself for you today. You will know it when you see it. You may not have even noticed it before, walked past this door a dozen times or more, and now it has appeared as if by magic. Follow your gut today about someone new you meet. It could be a new relationship/partnership/friendship, but you will feel like you have known them before.

The action/advice is from our Goddess Aine, the message is about Adaptability. This is you walking away from the situation mentioned above. This takes a bit of a leap of faith, believing there is something better waiting for you without actually being able to see it. But we are embracing the Deep Knowing card above and going forth anyways. We are rewarded when we ignore doubt and fear and embrace our faith. We don't need all the answers we just have to believe, then watch the unfolding.

The numerological energy is a 7. We are being guided by our spirituality, best tune in and listen.

The astrological energy, slowly but surely this full moon energy will begin to unwind. I have heard some real stressful stories the past few days. Today we have Venus at the 29th degree and the Sun at the 0 degree of Taurus the sign that Venus rules. Love and money are at extremes today, and the Sun is within 2 degrees of Uranus. These next few days shine a light on what this Uranus transit in Taurus for the next oh 7 years means for you. Pay attention, get yourself in alignment so you don't need a lightning bolt in your nether regions to get you on your path. :) .

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