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Energycast April 2, 2019

He's baaacckk! Today Mercury is conjunct Neptune for the last time, well at least for this year. This can give you a final look at something you have been working on since February. Just be sure the rose colored glasses are off before you take any action.

The general energy card today is the 5 of Fire/Wands. I see this card working in a few different ways. First a reminder not to get caught up in other people's drama. Second a very competitive and energetic atmosphere that you can leverage to your advantage. Used wisely you can get a lot done today and get recognition for a job well done. 5's also bring about change, so be flexible with the outcome.

The love energy is Limitless! I really like this card and this song, most because you are limitless and the only thing that ever holds you back is your own doubt, fear and shame. And guess what?? They are figments of your imagination. So take back control and love like you have never loved before. Most importantly love yourself. When you do that you attract success like a super powered magnet. Find your hutzpah today.

The action/advice comes from our Goddess Mama Qocha, and this blue water is making me want to take a tropical vacation! But this Incan Goddess actually wants us to remember that we are mostly made up of water and like the water we need to learn to be changeable, be in the ebb and flow of life. Water can be hot, cold, frozen, dirty, or clear. It is so powerful it can wear away at rocks, it can hide underground, it provides life to everything and everyone. So talk about being limitless today. You have this power within you and this is a reminder to embrace this. Be more like water and see the miracles that present themselves to you today.

Our numerological energy is a 6 again. Good reminder to be open to giving and receiving, you know that ebb and flow thing.

Astrologically as mentioned above this is the last conjunction between Mercury and Neptune. Communication, paperwork, thoughts, might be a little foggy today. But pay close attention to whatever has been repeating for you since this first contact in late February. This is the last chance to see it for what it really is. But expect true clarity to come after Mercury gets clear of Neptune energy on or around April 15th. Have you done your taxes btw??? We now have the Moon and Venus also in dreamy Neptune rules Pisces. Remember this is your subconscious, your spirituality and your creativity all getting extra focus. Have your dreams been weird lately or what?? By the end of April things will calm down a bit, so just hang in there!!

Love and Light!

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