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Energycast April 19, 2019

Happy Full Moon in Libra! Our energy will peak today and slowly dissipate over the weekend. Venus being the ruler of this full moon has love on our agenda for today.

Our general energy card is the Knight of Water/Cups. He comes in with a gift of love for you today. This energy can be a little on the over the top on the romantic side. So just be careful you don't get carried away to a deserted island by this wave. But ultimately this person brings you love and there really isn't much you need to do but ride this wave. If this is you the full moon has shown you what you want in your relationships and you are now ready to charge ahead. If this is someone you are interacting with, then you are in luck. This is the man or woman you have been waiting for, and it's gonna be good! Maybe not long term, or maybe a little immature at first, but Knights aspire to one day become King, so watch and see this bloom.

The relationship advice is Yin. This speaks to the above. We are not charging after love, love is coming to us. We are very receptive with Yin energy. You are open to receiving, you are feeling loving and it is attracting more love to you today. If you have been taking a lot of action, pursuing love, looking or seeking, today you will stop. Let love flow to you instead. Miracles will unfold when you do.

The action/advice is from or Goddess Lakshmi and she says when you follow the advice above then good fortune comes your way. Do you know that when you are with the right partner it makes your luck change? When you are in alignment, good things flow to you, as if by magic. But when you push, and fight to stay in the wrong relationship, well then you will see things around you are harder than they need to be. Or when you push the person away that you are meant to be with things will start falling apart around you. But today we are in alignment with our loved ones so good fortune will bless you with this full moon.

The numerological energy is a 3. Get in touch with your creator and your creative energy today. This is what the Yin energy represents. When you do love will flow through and to you.

Astrological energy is of course the full moon, and I have a blog at the top of this page you can read for further details. Ultimately today we see the fruition of the full moon at the 0 degree mark, we see the seeds that you planted with the Spring Equinox starting to bloom. So look back on March 20th. What intentions did you set? Something in your relationships is starting to bloom. This is a day for finding your balance between I and Us. You have got to decide how you are going to maintain your independence in your relationships in a healthy way. There is no more pushing people away and doing things in a way that only benefits or protects you either. This is about opening yourself up to what is needed to support you as a couple, as a parent, as a co-worker. This full moon will show you where you are out of balance and help you see with the very bright light of a Sun at 29 degrees of Aries. No excuses if you choose to look away, you made that choice, and it will put you out of alignment. Not the choice I recommend.

Love and Light!

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