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Energycast April 17, 2019

Feel that full moon energy ramping up. The tension is in the air, so remember to breathe and detach, big time!

Our general energy card is the High Priestess, so we have a need to know, a deep desire even, but we must be patient. We must tune in and pay attention if we truly want the answers we seek. Sometimes we say we want to know, but then we put up all kinds of roadblocks, or simply don't listen when the answer is given us. The answer will not be screaming at you either, it is very soft and subtle, so pay attention you must. Yep I am pulling out the inner Yoda.

The relationship advice card is not looking so hot, but this is the theme of our full moon so this must be faced. When we are feeling orphaned and abandoned by our partners, coworkers and friends, it quite frankly sucks. But here is the message about feeling like you don't belong, you don't. If a situation doesn't suit you, it is made to feel extremely uncomfortable so it brings about needed change, read that again. What that change is will be shown to you by the High Priestess. Some may need to just change their thoughts, others may need to leave the situation all together. Your internal view is creating your external world. If you are feeling like the lost soul in this photo start there. If you don't have self worth then you are tolerating a situation just because you don't think you deserve better. But you do. Everyone is worthy of being loved, belonging, being respected. But you have to provide those things to yourself first, before you can get them from others. Sounds simple on paper I know, but it requires awareness, and then it requires major effort, or as someone I met recently said to me, sticktoitiveness. :) . Decide what you deserve and then you can attract it.

The action/advice Goddess today is our friend of the Past, Mnemosyne. This is about the above of course, and finding that past memory, thought or belief that has you stuck. Everyone has that one thing, that someone said to them in the past that they hang onto. In fact every cell in your body has a memory. Release that memory today and you can start fresh and new and you will not feel orphaned. Set that thought free, or reframe it in a way that now can serve you. Heck tell the memory to bleep off and you don't need it anymore. The past is the clue to connectedness, so spend some time there with the High Priestess and she will show you the way.

The numerological energy is a 7, which means we are working with our divine guidance, and it means a little time in isolation will go a long way.

The astrological energy as I mentioned is getting a little tense, this will be a very emotional full moon. You can read my blog at the top of this page. Drum roll please.....Mercury is officially out of retrograde. The planet has now passed the point where he started his backwards movement. So if you have been slogging along still, now you will start to pick up speed, gain some momentum where ever Mercury touches your chart. And in Aries, Mercury is fired up. Thoughts are fast, we talk too fast, we type really fast, and since Mars rules Aries we might be a wee bit critical and aggressive. Especially during the full moon because at these critical degrees the energy is well critical. The Moon has just now entered in to Libra and passed over the point of the full moon last month. This is the show me moment, where you will get a hint of what this full moon represents for you. The next 2 days you have time to think, a lot, and decide what your are going to stand for. Are you going to keep putting up with crap? Or are you finally going to decide you deserve better, believe it, and move on. At the very least kick your fear thoughts to the curb! You got this! Disclaimer. Mercury my ruler is now in Aries, this means I am going to tell it like it is, even more than normal, so put on your big girl and boy panties. :)

Love and Light!

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