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Energycast April 14, 2019

Sweet Sweet Sunday is here, and it is really meant to be a very blessed day! The Sun meets Jupiter in the sky today bringing us luck from something we started in the past.

Our general energy card is the Ace of Air/Swords. We are set to receive aha moments and/or bright ideas when this card appears in a reading. So if you have struggled to solve some kind of problem that requires a lot of mental thought then today is the day. Aces bring new beginnings the Air/Swords bring thoughts, words, and communications. This is very much Mercurial energy. Find some quiet time to listen to your special message today.

The relationship advice today is Chop Wood, which is exactly like it sounds, you need to do some work on your partnerships today. Every good thing requires some effort, some maintenance, some time and attention to stay healthy. Whether its your body, your car, your house and even your yard. This is not a day for being lazy where you relationships are concerned. Make the extra effort today, maybe reach out to help someone solve a problem. And in your love relationships just be 'present' with you partner. Hold hands, do the chore you least like to do, go for a walk, just be together instead of running around doing your own thing today. Chopping wood is routine, not necessarily making gallant efforts, but it requires repetition and focus to accomplish your goals.

The action/advice is once again from our Goddess Hera, yet another emphasis on both the cards above. Teamwork, collaboration, symbiotic relationships are key today. You do not need to go it alone, and in fact 2 minds are better than one. This is a great day to open up to a new perspective. Alliances serve both parties, and help us to move out of co-dependent to a healthier interdependent relationship. It is no longer acceptable to stay in a partnership just so you won't be alone, or just because you like to feel needed. We are moving forward to a healthier place.

The numerological energy is a 9 which lets us bring to a close those parts of our relationships that no longer serve us and with the Sun and Jupiter we do it in a beneficial way.

The astrological energy will have a Grand Fire Trine in the skies today. This is an incredible blessing somewhere in your life today based on your personal chart. We have the Sun, the Moon and Jupiter all aligned at 24 degrees. This degree reduces to the number 6, which means blessings in love, finding our balance, and success! You will need to take action in order to see this blessing. We have the tsquare still impacting us and Mercury square Jupiter. We are truly being pushed to open our minds, see a new road ahead for us, and then take action. Once you do the blessing will unfold like little miracles for you. Fire signs are the passionate signs of the Zodiac. When you have Leo, Sagittarius, and Aries all lit up together things can get pretty hot in a hurry, especially if you have any personal planets near this 24 degree mark. Invite this energy by lighting some candles, or burning things outside. Please remember to burn safely, I am not to blame for unattended fires!

Love and Light!

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