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Energycast April 13, 2019

Yay for Saturday! Venus is here to guide us through the weekend so you know what that means!! Love, pleasure, money, and of course relationships are on the agenda.

Our general energy card is the 2 of Air/Swords, which means we need to see something, someone, some situation clearly so we can make the right decision. This card appears when we are pondering something, what to do or where to go next. You were given a new opportunity, but something is holding you back. Here is the thing about this card, the next one in the series is the 3 of swords. Do you want to manifest your fears, or face them head on? That's the energy you have today, and I vote for the one where you face your fears, tell them to bleep off and move forward.

The relationship message is Milk and Honey. This says when we make the right decision we are transported to the kind of life we always wanted. In the land of milk and honey, which in reality sounds like a disgusting mixture, is a symbol of richness. This is a day for sweetness. We are gracious, we are loving, and we might even be a little bit sensual! If you are in a relationship or attracting one you are the honey so there will be lots of bees buzzing around. If you are struggling to find love, this is a day to let go of past hurts and fears and decide you want love. Then watch how you attract those bees!! Just watch out for those nasty yellow jackets trying to pretend they are a nice and gentle honey bee.

The action/advice is from our Goddess Aphrodite. See Venus is not messing around today, she is bringing out the big guns! The Greek Goddess symbolizes Romantic Love. This is about getting your self to a place mentally and emotionally where you feel it so you can attract it. When you think of the Greek mythology, the Gods were worshipped, they were pampered, they had great passion for a cause. They knew what they wanted, they had no guilt enjoying and sometimes overindulging in life's pleasures. Aphrodite invites you to indulge in love today, beginning with yourself. So are you needing a little shopping therapy, a project, a crafting day, a great workout or a good meal? Pick your pleasure and indulge, within reason of course and see how the energy of those around you shifts to match yours. Venus is the ruler of the upcoming Full Moon in Libra, the second full moon in a row and it is at 29 degrees. The energy will not dissipate this week, we have lessons to learn in our relationships. This weekend set your sights on what you want to create, because with the full moon you have a chance to bring it to life.

The numerological energy assisting us is the number one. We are taking leadership in our lives, opening up to new beginnings in love, maybe even finding a new passion.

The astrological energy as I mentioned is a whole lot of Venus going on. She is making a sextile over to Pluto, Saturn and the South Node. This could bring someone back into your life from the past this weekend. Not necessarily to stay, but so you can finish a lesson with them. She is also making a trine over to the North Node, which means there is action you need to take in a relationship that serves your highest good. Could be love or work related. Add to that the Moon in Leo over the weekend and we have all the makings for a very passionate couple of days!! Now you can use this to create, enjoy a relationship more, or do some beauty treatments. It all depends on your personal chart/preferences. But everyone has a chance to really enjoy this weekend, so go ahead indulge a little or a lot, you only live once!! But no drinking and driving!

Love and Light!!

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