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Energycast April 12, 2019

TGIF! Man this has felt like 2 weeks wrapped into one. And it ain't over yet. So let's dive into the fun.

Our general energy card is the King of Water/Cups. The master of love rules the day. We are either feeling as a King where love is concerned or getting a chance to interact with this person. This is having it all kind of energy. Happy home life, safe and secure, bountiful, you are exactly where you need to be. And if not there yet you are certainly spending a lot of time thinking about it. You want to be open to receiving this energy today.

Our relationship energy is A Leg Up, which means we need to let others help us today. Yah Yah Yah, you are super strong and you can do everything on your own. But why? Oh wait that was yesterday's card. The point being though, don't expend all your precious energy when there are those out there who are willing and eager to help. Ask for help and it will gladly be granted.

Our action advice comes from the Goddess Ayx, and she reveals Secrets. But this Greek Goddess only reveals them on a need to know basis. You are being asked to trust that things are working out as they should. Release your need to know, your attachment to outcomes, your desire to control everything and everyone around you. This is not a card of action then, it is definitely advice, to let go. The truth is coming, it will be revealed and it will show up faster as long as you don't fixate on whatever area this represents for you.

Numerological energy today is the 11, the master number of service. We are needed to provide help and guidance in our partnerships today.

Astrological energy is adding on to yesterday's fun we now have the Moon joining the North Node and adding to the tsquare with the Sun, Pluto, South Node, and Saturn. What will save you today is Venus in a Trine to the Moon and North Node and Sextiling over to the South Node Family. Whatever your choices make them with love in mind. Release whatever needs to be released but do so in a loving manner. This is not a day to be cross and short with others. Jupiter is stationed and moving backwards now, and squaring with Mercury, our mind is getting a refresh. We are being pushed in many ways to see the big picture. This is not about what is right in front of you, it is much bigger, and you need to get out of your own way. Old thinking patterns are being challenged, and frankly they need to go. So hang in there my little crunchlings, we will make it through!!

Love and Light!

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