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Energycast April 11, 2019

Our crunchy energy continues today and now we have a chance to look at a disappointment and keep it alive or set it free once and for all. Which will you choose?

Our general energy card is the 3 of Air/Swords. Not the most loved card in the Tarot, but it shows that there is light at the end of the tunnel and we are beginning to heal. There might be some pain experienced today or you might finally be accepting that hanging onto this pain no longer serves you. As a result you might need to spend some time alone in contemplation. Let this be the beginning of the end of a painful journey for you today.

The love energy is Why??? This is a follow-up card to the above. Why did I react like that? Why do I keep attracting the same person over and over? Why can't I find love? Why do we keep fighting over who is supposed to do the dishes? Whatever your why is for your situation it's time to get to the root of the actual matter. It is never, well almost never unless you are both very enlightened and aware, what you are arguing about in the moment. It goes deeper. Remember that introspection needed above, that is what this card is asking you today. Outside of the situation in silence you need to ask yourself why? And then the hardest part of all, listen to the answer. There might be something you are needing to face and then heal in order to move forward.

The action/advice comes from our Goddess Morrighan, Death and Magic. Boy this is not the lightest of energies today is it? However when we go deep into the recesses of our mind and pain we can finally heal. There is a part of you that must 'die' and be released today in order to be rebuilt better and stronger. This is the end of winter when things seem darkest, just before the first blooms of spring begin to appear. A miracle is waiting to blossom for you, but you have to do the work within for it to show up for you.

Numerological energy is an 8. We need our strength in order to do this healing and break through to the other side.

The astrological energy stirring up all this intensity? We have the Sun (ego) in a T square with the North Node and Saturn/Pluto/South Node. Destiny is calling out to you, but you are blocking it with your ego self. There is too much pride standing in the way. You made a commitment to come here and achieve your goals, now you are faltering. The universe is giving you a nudge and you need to take action. Will you continue to hide in the darkness and fear, or choose the light? Will you continue to talk up a good game, or talk the truth? The days of smoke and mirrors are coming to an end as Venus and Neptune begin to separate and Mercury is almost out of Pisces. By the full moon on the 19th you will see the truth and be ready for serious closure.

Love and Light!

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