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Energycast April 10, 2019

Today has the potential to be life changing. Will you let the changes in?

The general energy card is Life Experience, #16 in the Major Arcana, and traditionally the Tower card. This is like the planet Uranus, bringing unexpected changes that suddenly put you on a completely unexpected path. Depending on how open to change you are this day will either feel really great or really uncomfortable. Or depending how far off your path you are this change will feel like a lightning strike or a mosquito bite. Just trust that this is needed change and do your best to go with the flow.

The love energy card is where we need to be with this change energy, we have the Observer card. In love this means we are detached from outcomes and just 'seeing' what is truly going on here. There is more to see here than what is just on the surface. To see it you have to be able to take a step back, disengage emotionally and engage your inner eye. Let things unfold for you naturally and you will be able to take love to a brand new level in your life.

The action/advice is from our Goddess Hecate, the in-between is that space between unconscious and conscious awareness. She is the embodiment of the 2 energies above. As the observer you can detach and see your past for what it was, preparing you for where you are today. As the observer you don't attach to outcomes and don't need to know what is coming yet in the future. The advice is to let go of the past, as you no longer need to stay stuck there. To do so does require action on your part. You must set the intention to move forward, and when you do your future unfolds naturally. But be clear with your thoughts, because what ever you focus on will be brought to light.

The numerological energy is a 3. We are creating and painting a future based on our thoughts.

The astrological energy is going to be just like the Tower card, unexpected. This will have everything to do with if you are living true to your nature. Venus and Neptune are still conjunct, so yay for love and creativity, this is why we have the 3 energy. Next Jupiter has stationed, standing still, and will turn retrograde in just a few hours. Whatever house this is for you is about to get a reboot. Jupiter expands whatever it touches, but in a positive way. Lastly, we have a tsquare with Mercury, the Moon, and Jupiter. Oh wait, there's still more the exact square between the Sun and Saturn. So remember how I said over the weekend things were going to get a little crunchy, this is that. How you feel is being challenged by Jupiter and your mind has got to sort things out and make a decision. What you decide might just shock you. And so we come back full circle to the Life experience card. Journal these next few days. I think you will find in the future this was a very pivotal week.

Love and Light.

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