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Discover Your Destiny: March 2024 Monthly Horoscope Predictions

Updated: Feb 27

multipe pictures of the Moon as it travels over the eclipse pathway
Timelapse Photos of a Lunar Eclipse

March is an important month.  Mercury will be in pre-shadow for its retrograde that begins on April 1st, you will want to pay attention to the work you are being called to do. The New Moon happens in the sign of Pisces at 20 degrees.  Important to note is the Full Moon that follows 6 months later, will be a Lunar Eclipse.  Something rather fated and important may be started at this time.  Then we will have the first of the eclipses for the first half of the year, beginning with a Full Moon Lunar eclipse in Libra at 5 degrees of the sign. 


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The following impacts may be noticed several days before or after the actual event.  For that reason, it is good to review the entire month at once, and download a copy to re-review as the month progresses.  These are just general summaries, to know your specific impacts, be sure to book a reading with me.  I even have a monthly option where we can just review the significant events for your chart.  Check out all my reading options on my website, here. 


March 1st – Rabbit Rabbit!  Always a good idea to say this when you first gain awareness as you awake.  Jupiter the planet of growth, expansion and blessings is in positive aspect with the Sun at 11 degrees of Pisces.  This is a portal of 11:11 since Jupiter is at 11 of Taurus, making a sextile, or 60-degree angle to the Sun.  Great day for setting intentions and creating abundance and blessings in your life.  Note the houses impacted for you at this time, major opportunities can be unfolding there.  The other benefic planet in the zodiac, Venus, is in a sextile to Chiron and the North node.  This can bring the gift of healing into your day.  With the trine to the South Node you could hear from someone from your past that caused you some pain, in order for this healing to occur.


March 2nd – Venus moves on from Chiron and immediately meets up with Uranus in a square.  This can bring sudden changes in love and money.  A square means something you are doing, a path you are on, needs to change.  Uranus changes that path unexpectedly and rather suddenly.  With Uranus in the sign that Venus rules, and Venus in the sign that Uranus rules there is some kind of understanding these two planets have and they are helping each other make the needed changes. Mercury is inconjunct the South Node in Libra, strange conversations may occur in our relationships.


March 3rd – Mars in Aquarius is speaking in harmony with the Nodes of fated lessons.  The north node is in Aries, which Mars is the ruler of.  There is some type of action you are meant to take today that helps you on your journey to independence.  Mercury and Uranus speak in harmony, helping you come up with the inspiration you need and the action to take. The Moon in Sagittarius is speaking in harmony with the Nodes, and Chiron, you may feel good about the healing journey you are on.


March 5th – the Sun in Pisces is now making an odd angle back to the South Node in Libra.  There is a lesson you need to remember you learned earlier in your life, or a past life.  Perhaps a relationship partner from the past resurfaces to remind you about what you learned.  There also could be unexpected endings in relationships.  The Moon will be squaring both of the Nodes, so how you feel may just change unexpectedly.  Capricorn is a very serious energy and the Moon there will want to keep emotions under control.  Something may test that control at this time.


March 6th – Mars moves on from the Nodes to speak in harmony with Chiron.  This energy is good for training, getting active with others, joining a cause of some kind.  Great day for setting intentions to work on your self-confidence.  The North Node and Chiron both in Aries are helping us to realize how strong we really are, how to choose ourselves instead of only worrying about the other people in our lives.  Time to create good balance between what you give and what you receive.


March 10th – the New Moon in Pisces is a dreamy, emotional energy.  The Sun and Moon both meet up at 20 degrees of the sign.  They will also be in a sextile with Uranus in Taurus, slowly moving forward through the sign.  Pisces energy is spiritual, angelic even, artistic, and healing.  This is a great time to break free from those situations where your boundaries are not respected.  The South Node in Libra will be at an odd angle to the New Moon.  Meaning your new beginning could come about because of something unexpected, like a past relationship.  Also on this day, Mercury enters into the sign of Aries, and our thinking and communicating because much more direct.  Our speaking may become a bit too strong.  For some it’s needed, for others, you might go too far overboard.  You may just get a download about the upcoming Mercury retrograde work you will need to do, so keep a journal. Much more on this in my full article here, where we break down what you can expect by each zodiac sign.


March 11th – Venus enters into dreamy Pisces, and love is going to feel that way over the next several weeks.  Venus is happy in this sign.  Just don’t lose your head in love.  There is the potential to wear rose colored glasses during this transit as well.  But, whatever happens fate may play a part, as the Moon meets up with the North Node and Chiron.  Neptune is also now at it’s pre-shadow degrees, meaning these are the degrees the planet will revisit during its retrograde.  It isn’t until July that the planet will retrograde at 29 degrees, but this one is important to note.  This is the last year of Neptune in its home sign of Pisces, this is the time where you need to finish the work on the lessons you were meant to learn.  What house do you have this energy in?  What planets is it making contact with?  Neptune can dissolve things, or make them extremely blurry.  Tune in for your own messages. For the next week this is the only major work going on.

March 12th - as Mercury enters into the sign of Aries, where it will do some incredible work, It will speak in harmony with Pluto. This can create powerful ideas, or conversations. Some of those conversations may remain hidden, while others are brought to the surface. Secrets can be exposed. This is especially true where the topics of war are concerned.


March 18th – Mercury enters pre-shadow, as it joins up with the North Node in Aries at 15 degrees.  That means all the work we have to do for the next 6 weeks is fated.  There are lessons to be learned.  Are you thinking for your self?  Are you speaking your mind?  This is the work ahead.  If you already do that, then you may need to help others do the same.  Start tuning into the Mercury messages, journaling for the next several weeks if you don’t already, will be very helpful.


March 20th – Welcome to the Spring Equinox!  The Sun enters into the sign of Aries as we change seasons.  Equal parts day and night is what we have during an equinox.  This is the time of rebirth in the Northern Hemisphere at least, it’s Fall down under.  Also today, we see Mercury meeting up with Chiron, during its pre-shadow journey.  What do you need to heal?  Is it your mindset?  This is a day to decide what you want to bring back to life, what you want to give life to.  The Moon in Leo is happy as it speaks in harmony with the Nodes.  What does fate have in store for your new beginnings?  Trust your gut to give you the answer.


March 21st – Venus and Saturn are having a serious conversation at 12 degrees of Pisces.  At the same time the Sun in Aries is speaking in harmony with Pluto in Aquarius.  Something big and powerful can be happening today.  Perhaps a woman in a leadership role will do something notable.  Definitely big power moves for women.  Saturn helps Venus make an important commitment to something Pisces related.  You will as well, wherever you have this in your chart. Could there be an attempt to put more restrictions on women? Jupiter in the sign Venus rules, Taurus, might hand out a lesson or two should that be the case. Pay close attention to Mercury energy today. It is activating the upcoming eclipse point. It is going to pass over this 19th degree of Aries three times, each time activating something fated. The planet will be retrograde during the actual eclipse on April 8th. This is big karma, related to the past, that is going to require a lot of work before it is fully resolved. Buckle up it is going to be a wild ride.


March 22nd – Jupiter is at the end of its retrograde, hitting 15 degrees of Taurus as it is inconjunct with the South Node in Libra.  Venus rules both of these signs and is still closely aspecting Saturn.  What important lesson from the past are you ready to learn with the help of others?  Mars also moves into the sign of Pisces, where it will spend the next 6 weeks exploring this emotional sign, Mars will not love it however.  Feelings, too many feelings!  But if you are a spiritual worker or artist, you will be highly motivated. 


March 24th – when both benefics, Jupiter and Venus, speak in harmony there can be some kind of major blessing appearing in your life.  What houses do you have Taurus and Pisces energy being aspected by these two?  This blessing is part of a YOD, mission from God today.  The South Node at 15 degrees of Libra is inconjunct to Jupiter and Venus, sextile to one another.  A relationship from the past plays an important part in the fated work you have to do.  When you accept the mission, complete the work, that is when the blessing happens. Spiritual work will be especially blessed at this time.


March 25th – in the early morning hours we will have a Full Moon Lunar eclipse in the sign of Libra, it’s partial as the South Node is a good 10 degrees away from the Moon at 5 degrees of Libra.  A lunar eclipse brings something fated to an end, this is emotional closure of some kind.  Libra is relationships, it is also contracts, and the law.  The Sun shines a light from the sign of Aries.  Something about your own needs is playing an important role in what needs to be released now.  Much more on this in the full article found here


March 28th – Venus in Pisces is at 20 degrees and forms a sextile with Uranus, activating the New Moon we had two weeks ago.  Completing that work with Uranus may open a surprising door for you now, financially or romantically. The Moon in Scorpio, speaking in harmony with Saturn in Pisces, may hold clues for you as well.  This could be a very intense emotional day.


April Preview– as the month of March comes to a close, Mercury is slowing down and getting ready to turn retrograde on April 1st.  This could prove to be a very interesting April Fool’s day.  With the New Moon Solar Eclipse on the 8th closely aspecting Chiron, the topic of healing and health is going to be center stage.  This is a total solar eclipse as the Sun and Moon are right on top of the North Node.  It is visible in the US, with the path starting in Texas and heading east.  More on this next month and in the Eclipse article.  We will see a Full Moon in Scorpio on the 23rd, making this a very intense month, emotionally.  Even Venus will be in the sign of Aries, firing up our passion.  Much more to come in next month’s article.

Eclipses have long been regarded as potent moments of change, offering us the opportunity to release what no longer serves us and embrace new beginnings. As the lunar and solar eclipses approach, their energies are stirring, inviting us to align with the universe's divine plan and unlock our highest potential.  Don't miss out on this opportunity to gain clarity, insight, and empowerment during this pivotal cosmic moment. Book your astrology reading today and embark on a journey of self-discovery and transformation. Book your session here.

Love and A Guiding Light





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