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Daily Horoscope June 27, 2019

I will be out of town through next Monday so this information is good from now until July 1st, the day before our Solar Eclipse. It will not be visible here, but still a major impact and brining us plenty of new things!! Karmic things!!

The general energy card is the 6 of Wands/Fire. This is a card about receiving recognition for your hard work and it is well deserved. All of the 6 energies brings us to a better place, and are usually involving an exchange of some sort. You can expect something tangible to come to you as a result of this recognition, I don't think it will just be words you receive. So here is wishing you all some fabulous recognition and rewards.

The relationship energy is Deep Knowing. Oooh I think we are getting a hint of what is in store for those who will have a new relationship appearing with the New Moon Solar Eclipse in Cancer. This card is that feeling you get that you have known this person before. Their energy is so familiar to you, that it feels a lot like deja vu. Also if you are looking for answers in your existing relationships then this is a great time to ask the Universe for guidance and then you will have the answers you seek. There is a definite feeling of Karma involved here and fate.

The Goddess energy is our good friend Mnemosyne, hmmm yet another card about our Karmic past. There are lessons coming up for you right now related to a past relationship in particular. This says there is something to learn still from this person. It does not necessarily mean you are meant to have a future together, at least not unless you can fully make peace with the past. As we are ramping up to the Mercury retrograde as well, the past will come up and people will come back. But the point of them coming back is to make changes, not repeat the same patterns of behavior from the past. You might just keep the lessons not the person. Time will tell.

The numerological energy is a 4. There is some internal work to be done and when it's complete you are open to the new beginnings the eclipse is bringing you.

The astrological energy has Mercury entering Leo making us very passionate with our communication skills. There will be a brief square with the Moon as the day begins. Meaning we might be triggered to say something, however just bite your tongue and make sure it is really necessary. If it is by all means, get it out. If not let it go. The Sun will also be exactly trine with Uranus which makes you electric! You are lit up wherever these 2 houses are in your chart. Which is why not speaking your mind right away might be a really good idea. Plus Chiron is still squaring off with the Sun as well. That ego wound is really flaring up, but instead of overreacting spend some time paying attention to what triggers you. This is a little wakeup call that you can easily answer and then move on to the next one. :)

Love and Light!

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