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Daily Horoscope June 26, 2019

The cards say we have a big day of manifesting ahead of us! So let's get to it why don't we??

The general energy card is the Ace of Earth/Pentacles. This means we are starting new financial ventures! We might get a new job offer, find a second job, get a raise, have a great sales day, get a loan! We are achieving something new or having a fresh start where finances are concerned. This is a good news day for finances.

The relationship energy is By the Book. I just love the look of this card. Someone has been out of line out there and now they are getting things back in order. This could also speak to starting a more traditional type of relationship, Perhaps what you have been involved in up to now has been more casual in nature and you are ready to make things more structured, more serious and permanent. This can also speak to having each other's backs. Whatever comes up for you in your relationships rest assured it won't be wild and crazy. This is an orderly kind of day. Which you would expect when you have Earth energy.

The Goddess advice today from Morrighan is in what we call the alignment position, and with Death and Magic in this position it means there is some transformational work that we are meant to be doing but we are blocking it. Here's the thing, magic can't happen until you let this issue die off completely, let this go already. I think we already talked last week about the fact when you continue to hang on to dead things there is a terrible stench in the air. There is not enough sage in the world to cover it up either. So do us all a favor and let this poor thing go. Seriously how would you like to be drug around after you are supposed to be dead and yet someone won't let you go and there is no peace for you? Grieve it and let go. You really will be glad you did once this transition period is over.

The numerological energy is a whole lot of one's which is why I said we have a lot of manifesting energy today. We have a 1, and 11, and then another 1, which means an 11:11 portal opens up for us today, which is magic. So focus only on what you want today, not what you don't!

The astrological energy making all the magic happen will be the Moon in a nice Sextile over to Venus. This means love, money, things we value are all making us feel really good today. This is also the last day for Mercury in Cancer, with the 29 degree mark being an intense energy we are really speaking our minds, about what we need from our family in order to feel nurtured. And let me tell you if you don't get your point across when Mercury comes back retrograde to this same point in a few weeks, then the family is going to hear about it! And if they still don't get it on the 3rd pass they finally will. Everything coming up in the area of home and family will be getting revisited during the retrograde. So all fun aside if things have been a little crunchy at home use the retrograde period to review what has been happening, make adjustments and then move things forward again when the time is right. We are a week away from the Solar Eclipse in Cancer. New beginnings, fated one's even, involving home and family will be manifesting for you, and some of you are seeing that happen already. There are blessings in store for us.

Love and Light!

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