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Daily Horoscope June 24, 2019

It's a great day to focus on our partnerships in order to bring our creations to the next level.

The general energy card is the 3 of Earth/Pentacles. This is about asking for help from someone who is an expert in the field. As a result of the consultation you build a new partnership and together are able to build something that will serve you well into the future. Since this is earth or pentacle energy this is likely something you are doing about your work or your finances. Could be getting a loan, forming a new partnership or working with a mentor. It is a good day to advance your skills with the help of someone who already has them.

The relationship energy is Milk and Honey. There is sweetness that develops because you are taking the time to make sure what you are working on together is going to be built to the satisfaction of all involved. It's a day for simple pleasures in your partnerships, for bringing in a level of lightness, for living in the moment and enjoying it to the fullest.

The Goddess energy is Elen who has us looking at our Patterns. Good or bad we will see things that are showing up for us today and following a particular pattern. Are you stuck in a spiral of discontent and continue to see more things to be discontent about? Or are you really happy and can't believe how things just keep unfolding for you? Perhaps you are somewhere in the middle and from this place you can examine the difference between when the good things are showing up for you and the not so good. There is much to learn by studying our patterns of thought, and then realizing we alone are creating the patterns in our life. You don't like them, then reach out to an expert for help in changing them, once you do, it will be nothing but Milk and Honey from here on out.

The numerological energy is a 3. Still working on our creative side, getting more in touch with our creator and asking for guidance.

The astrological energy has our emotions all lit up! The Moon is in Pisces making contact with all the big hitters. It has just come away from the Tsquare and now will be in harmony with Mars/Mercury, Pluto/Saturn, which is giving you the ability to speak your mind about what you uncovered during this weekend's powerful energy. Sometimes internal work seems oblivious, and then it comes to you as if out of nowhere. Whatever you need to share today, listen to your intuition before you speak your mind. But you just might have a really important message to get out today or have been wanting to get out, and today is a really good day to do that. Yes Universe I hear you....nag nag nag. What this is all really preparing us for is the New Moon Solar Eclipse on July 2nd in Cancer. This is new things on steroids and my return to Youtube land will get everyone ready for what is coming up. Start working on those New Moon wishes now for all things regarding home and family.

Love and Light!

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