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Daily Horoscope June 20, 2019

The energycast today has some loving energy again, helping us get through some of the tough conversations we are having.

The general energy card is the King of Cups which is the last card in the watery energy suit, implying we have achieved some mastery where our emotions are concerned. If you are looking for love this is the one you want when you are looking for a solid partner who is not afraid to share his emotions. His love is mature, he is reliable, he is a King after all and isn't afraid to fight for what he wants. If this represents you then you are comfortable showing your love to others today.

The relationship energy is the Loyal Heart card. So if you are having second thoughts about the King of Cups/Water you needn't worry. He can be trusted and his feelings are actually genuine. Not every guy out there is only after sex, some really are more interested in your heart. Give this person a chance to show you they can be trusted. And this is always a good time to check in with yourself. Are you being loyal to your partner? If not, it's a good time to course correct.

The Goddess energy is Oshun, and her message is about Generosity. This is being giving to others without expecting anything in return. When we behave just as the Universe does with us, when we give just for the sake of giving, little magical miracles will unfold for us. All of these cards together are inviting you to share your heart with someone today. In return you might just get the love of a lifetime.

The numerological energy is a 4. This is a good day to build the foundation you want for your future relationship or the future of your current one.

The astrological energy is not shifting a whole lot this week . Mercury and Mars are still running around spouting off until Pluto and Saturn catch wind of their antics. As of now Neptune is also stationing and will be exerting a lot of energy as he is about to turn retrograde this weekend. All things Neptunian are amped up. Creativity, spirituality, delusion, and escapism. With the square to Jupiter still in effect this could push us even harder to make a stand for what we believe in. Especially where love and money are concerned. This will stay with us into Monday. Just be prepared for some events to pop up and help you decide what you value and why.

Love and Light!

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