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Daily Horoscope June 19, 2019

Did you bite your tongue or did you speak really freely? We have several more days of this same energy ahead of us? If you have something passionate to speak about now is the time.

Our general energy card today is the 6 of Water/Cups. This is really wonderful energy that can represent hearing from someone from your past, exchanging gifts, a childhood love. The cups represent our emotions and so today we are feeling loving and kind and we want to give of ourself to others. We may get caught up daydreaming about happy childhood memories or feeling a bit childlike. Maybe this is the day you speak your true feelings for someone.

The relationship energy is A Leg Up, which makes it a great day to ask for help from our partners. This is not a day for trying to get everything done on your own. And with the 6 of cups energy you won't want to be doing things by yourself anyway. There is always a great sense of connectedness when we are open to asking for help from others. Plus it makes your partner, coworkers and/or friends feel special and valued. So ask already would ya??

The Goddess energy is Ma'at, which is another message about speaking our Truth. The most important person to speak that to today is yourself. What do you really want? What are you willing to risk to get it? Once you get honest with yourself then you can get honest with others. The energy is very supportive of speaking our truth with Mars and Mercury still conjunct. So put it out there. What do you really want right now more than anything??

The numerological energy is the 7, which means we are still being very self-reflective. We are learning a lot about ourselves right now.

Astrological energy as mentioned above will see Mercury with Mars and opposing Pluto. So we have to balance our powerful voice against our need for self-empowerment. How can you speak your mind without harming others with your words? How can you get your needs met without being a bully? If you can find the perfect blend between the two you are really going to make some strides in your life that will serve you for a long time to come. Pluto wants you to transform to be reborn. Mars and Mercury are running around trying to get things done fast fast fast. But Pluto and Saturn are going to keep calling everyone to attention before they can pass on by. We have to do the work right now, have too. No excuses.

Love and Light!

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