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Daily Horoscope June 18, 2019

Our energycast for Tuesday is some really feel good kind of energy, as long as we watch what we are saying!

The general energy card is the 4 of fire/wands, which we see when it's time for celebrating with one another. This is a day to get out into the community, take someone out for a celebration or talk about planning a special family event. 4 is our foundation number and Wands are our passions. So often we see this card to represent a wedding.

The relationship energy is Deep Knowing. There are those you will meet today and it will feel like you have known them your entire life. These connections are important and will serve a long term purpose in your life. You may not know what this is right away, but it is important to pay attention especially to the new people you meet. If you are already in a relationship then today you can ask the Universe a question that you need an answer to and it will be sent to you. Whatever the concern you will clearly see what the next steps are.

The Goddess energy is perfect with the full moon still lighting up the skies. We have Mama Killa who represents the Moon and our emotions. We are meant to be in the flow today, meant to make decisions based on how we feel at an intuitive level. Water holds our emotional vibrations very well, which is why many people use water rituals for manifesting their hopes and desires. We are after all about 98% water so we want to tap into those emotions and work with them on a day like today. Do you want to boil the water or use it to soothe your soul. Choice is yours, but just be aware you have one to make.

The numerological energy is the number 7. This is the Deep Knowing energy, we are being guided with a purpose. It does take quiet time to tune in as well.

The astrological energy may have the full moon waning but we still have some volatile energy going on. Heated exchanges are to be expected when Mars and Mercury are conjunct. And we all know we are seeing that in the world at large already. On a personal level as this conjunction is going to make a direct opposition to Pluto we will be using our words to stand up for ourselves. But a word of caution. You do not need to knock someone else down just to feel better about yourself. And just because someone may say something to you that you don't like or isn't very kind, does not mean you need to retaliate in kind. Your best bet is to do what your mama told ya. If you don't have anything nice to say don't say anything at all. Put yourself in a timeout and go cool off. In fact if you do, that download you need will happen. Better yet go journal, make a podcast, post a blog. Get it out there so it isn't all bottled up and wanting to explode everywhere. We do not need to encourage the energy to be explosive. So tone it down, you will be really glad you did as this passes a few days from now. And if you have strong Mercury placements in your chart or Mars, you really need to watch your words. Patience is a virtue we all want to adopt this week. And so it is!

Love and Light!

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