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Daily Horoscope June 15, 2019

The energycast today: Look at the profile of all 3 of these cards. We are warriors today and ready to look ahead to a bright future.

Our general energy card being the Ace of water means new love or new beginnings to an existing relationship are possible. In fact if you do start something new now you can be sure it’s fated. We now have Mercury conjunct the North Node bringing up fated communications and contacts. If you have been wanting a new beginning in love, today just might be the day/s.

Our relationship energy is the Fates, adding to our fate train energy we have been having all week. Just know that whatever is going on in your relationships, especially if they are testing you, it is meant to help you along your path. Even your relationship with yourself. There just might be something you need to see more clearly right now. And see you will!

Our Greek/Roman Goddess Epona’s energy is what gives us the drive and determination to take a chance on this new love. We are not just sitting back. We are taking aim at the future we want to have. We are leading the charge, with wise leadership. A leader is patient, kind, determined, well advised, and courageous. A leader is not afraid of making tough choices. You have this within you today and are not afraid of taking risks, thinking outside the box and getting things done.

Numerological energy of the cards is a 5. Leading us to welcome this change.

In the skies on Saturday we have Mercury conjunction with the North Node which supports fated communications. It’s a great day to meet someone online if you are single. Mars close by means our communications can get heated. So remember to channel the passion not the anger. When in doubt Saturn in opposition can help out. Lol. Ok I know lame. But it’s always a balance between taking action and taking effective action. Let Saturn help reel you back in. The Moon is stepping into Sagittarius and almost full. Our emotions will be very charged, stay aware. It is going to be a beautiful weekend when you do.

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