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Daily Horoscope July 3, 2019

Happy Solar Return to me! I am granting you all one birthday wish on my behalf. So if you forgot to write out your New Moon Wishes I have been given special permission from the Universe to give you a second chance. Don't blow it! lol

Our general energy card today says we actually did do a good job with our New Moon wishes and now we need to be patient and wait for those seeds we planted to produce. The 7 of Earth/Pentacles says we have done the work, now we get to enjoy watching what we planted grow and produce results. You might need to do a little watering here and there since we are in full on Cancer season now, talking to your plants is actually a good thing and helps them grow. But other than that you are not needing to make any big efforts today, we are in a bit of a holding pattern.

The relationship energy is really good as we have Treasure Island. This is about uncovering some hidden treasures in our relationships. It's like finding money in your pocket, it's a little surprising and it feels really really good. Venus makes her way into Cancer today and is now at the 0 degree mark which is extra potent energy. All things involving home and family will get a large dose of love from Venus for the remainder of this month. This will have you wanting to decorate your home, give extra love and support to loved ones, maybe even move in with a loved one. Have fun uncovering the treasures in your relationships!

The Goddess energy is Nike and that makes sense with all of the above energy when we feel good we feel ambitious. This is a really good day to share your success with others. Why are your crops growing so well? Why are your relationships so good? What can you share that helps others see the same type of success that you are seeing? What we give back is returned to us ten fold. That's why you should always give what it is you want to receive. If you give love you will get it back. If you give money you will get more back. If you share your time and energy with others you will get more back. And as Nike would say, just do it! :)

The numerological energy today is a 9 which means it is a day for bringing things to closure and finally checking them off your to-do list.

Astrological energy as mentioned above sees Venus now entering into Cancer where the love will be flowing freely at home and with your families, even for yourself. You will be pampering yourself and others all month long. Just watch that you don't overspend doing so, that is not necessary. For the next several days Venus and Uranus will have a few surprises in store for you, have fun with this. The Moon is standing across the sky from the Capricorn crew of Pluto, Saturn and the South Node. But the Moon is feeling good and doesn't want to worry about being so responsible right now. Just try to keep your responsibilities on track, balance is key. Mars and Mercury are conjunct as Mercury is slowing down to go retrograde on Sunday. This means the action we want to take with our communications just might need to slow down, which Mars hates. However if you don't whatever gets started will have to get reworked. Just be aware and take care of those electronics!

Love and Light!

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