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Daily Energycast Feb 8th 2019

TGIF!! Are we ready for snowmaggedon in the NW??? The energy says we are ready for some change! I also have a Valentine's day special posted under my one hour readings, check it out under the Astrology and Tarot Tab!

Our general energy card is from the Major Arcana and it is the Wheel of Fortune, or in this deck Fortune's Wheel. The number on the card is a 10 and this speaks to new beginnings, fresh starts, a shift in our destiny. This is typically very positive changes coming in. Each tarot suit is represented on the wheel and this means perhaps a shift from a focus that has been on love to a focus on finance. Or a focus on passion to a focus on our thoughts and words. Whatever the shift for you, expect changes to come in that move you onto a new street. Ok maybe it's because of the snow, but it still counts!! :)

Our love energy is Inner Strength. Sometimes the changes that come in are a result of our resolve. We are ready to let go of old patterns, and start something new. When we make conscious choices things can be different even with the same people. We just need to shift our focus. Stop seeing this person as who they 'act' like and instead see who they really are. We are all souls on this planet, with a mission to grow. How we grow is a very individual journey. Put judgement aside today and see how your interactions with each other can change. It is true, you are stronger than you think and today you might just get a chance to prove it to yourself.

The action/advice card is the Observer, but in reverse. This is where the change is needed. You are too close to a situation and you need to take a step back. This is also where inner strength is needed, stop allowing yourself to be triggered. My favorite thing to say when I see myself allowing this, "not my monkey, not my circus". Sometimes I have to say it repeatedly, until I stop feeling triggered. We cannot control other people's behaviors, choices or actions. And if we need to, that says something about our own self-worth. Why do we really care what someone else is doing? I am talking daily behaviors, not death scenarios here. At the end of the day, it's their life, and their choices. Today focus on removing yourself emotionally and become an observer. Wonder to yourself what this is about, instead of trying to control the outcome. It never works by the way, it only gives you a false sense of security. So stop putting so much value in having power over someone else's behavior.

The numerological energy is a 7. This is a day with connecting to our higher power, which will help us find our inner strength.

The astrological energy is a continuation of yesterday. The moon today passes over Chiron, sending you a message about something you need to heal. Then heads into Aries where you will want to take action on the emotions that have been stirred up. You can finally let something go today, release a past hurt, and move on.

Love and Light.

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