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August Monthly Horoscope

Updated: Aug 2, 2022

During the month of August we will have a Full Moon in Aquarius and a New Moon in Virgo. August 21st Mercury will begin its shadow period for the next retrograde in September, that will occur in the sign of Libra. It will be important to pay attention to what is happening in our relationships during this period of time. Uranus will join the retrograde parade of the outer planets towards the end of the month. Let’s dig into the details of the month ahead.

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August 1st – Rabbit Rabbit this is an explosive day. The Planets Mars and Uranus are both conjunct the North Node at 18 degrees of Taurus. Neither planet is particularly strong in an earth sign, so it is really hard to tell how this will all shake out, literally the earth could be shaking. Mars is action, Uranus is electricity, so major storms could be on the horizon. This could be actual storms as well as figuratively. The North Node signifies fate and lessons to be learned about money and our value systems when in the sign of Taurus. Not a day to be pouring a lot of money into any type of financial endeavor unless you love high risk ventures and living on the edge. The entire week leading up to this event is likely to be a bit wonky, and the days following. The Moon will be in Virgo trying to keep our emotions under control as it forms a trine to this crazy energy. Saturn is making its way backwards and loosely square the event. This is the continued conversation that Saturn has been having with the Nodes all year. We may see more leadership changes as a result, fated ones of course. Add to this the Sun and Jupiter, who has just turned retrograde, are in a trine in two fire signs. We may have a leader from the past making a major splash. On a personal level if you have been wanting to see some major change in your life, it’s showing up! Big time.

August 2nd – Venus is exactly sextile the crazy Taurus trio from the sign of Cancer. We all can use a little caring and nurturing and Venus is here to help. Love, money, and the element of surprise, are working together to help you get your needs met. Mars and Venus will continue in a loose sextile for the next week too. Passions will be inflamed as a result.

August 4th – Mercury enters into its home sign of Virgo and now we all start pouring over the details and facts of the current events. Mercury is more grounded in the sign of Virgo, slowing the pace down just a bit, which we need. The Moon is sextile to Mercury from the sign of Scorpio. A secret may be revealed.

August 7th – Mars and Saturn are now exactly square. Mars is the gas and Saturn the brakes, so trying to gain any traction today to move forward can be difficult. But if you learn to finesse the energy and know just the right amount of gas and right amount of brake then you can very carefully navigate forward. This is a bit of a preview of what is coming with the Full Moon in Aquarius. Tension.

August 8th – You know that feeling you get when you look across the room and see your mortal enemy staring directly at you? No? Well that is how Venus feels today being opposed by Pluto in Capricorn. Venus is all lovey dovey in Cancer, and Pluto is cold as ice and serious. They don’t have a lot in common at the moment. But financially speaking you may get a bit of wakeup call and need to pay attention. Same is true where love matters are concerned. They both have something to share about your fears where money is concerned. Listen in, and then decide how to help these two energies make peace.

August 9th – Jupiter and Mercury meet up and have a bit of a strange conversation. The lower mind and higher mind combine in order to help you see something with a new perspective. At the same time Mercury makes positive aspect to the Moon in Capricorn, so we are definitely being urged to get our feelings back under control to think things through. But with Mars and Neptune in a sextile the next several days we may try to delude ourselves into thinking everything is ok, when it’s not.

August 11th – Full Moon in Aquarius could bring some shocking endings. The Sun, Moon, Saturn, Mars, Uranus, and the Nodes are all going to be pressing against one another in a Grand Cross. At the same time that Venus moves into Leo. Remember all of 2021? We are revisiting it now in a big way. The Sun in Leo is very selfish. The Moon in Aquarius is self-less. Aquarius is we the people energy. While Leo is Me, Me, Me. The question always with this full moon is how can we take the spotlight off ourselves long enough to do something good for others. Saturn in Aquarius sitting next to the Moon, is exerting a lot of control over the people being too emotional for his liking. But they are squaring to Uranus who is the ruler of Aquarius. Saturn was the original ruler and so this ongoing square between these two planets has been a fight for control over the people. Will they be suppressed or will they be allowed to be free? Mars is moving away from Uranus and Saturn but still close enough to inflame egos. Saturn and Mars and the Sun is a whole lot of ego to be up against one another at the same time. The poor little Moon hardly stands a chance, and its likely its emotions will be ignored. Especially since Pluto is also giving power to Mars. This is not a good day to be in the line of fire, or be at war. I would be very careful if I am traveling or out in public. I will go really in depth on the write up for this event, stay tuned.

August 15th – Mercury will be inconjunct to Chiron, the wounded healer in Aries. This could mean a strange message or information that can help us heal from the turmoil of the Full Moon energy. The Moon will join with Chiron in Aries to help you know how to heal. At the same time Mercury will be in positive aspect to the Nodes, so whatever information is revealed it is fated. Pluto and Mars are exact in their trine now so you are feeling super fearful or super empowered, as a result of what you learn. It is going to be so important to set your intentions on how you want to be tapping into this energy.

August 18th – Mars is about to end its time in Taurus, where it really has not enjoyed its stay. Way too many distractions. As it heads into Gemini it feels freer. Fire and Air feed one another. So, expect conversations to be fast and furious for the next 6 weeks. Along with information. Our minds are on fire when Mars is in Gemini. As it prepares to leave, Venus in Leo is making a trine to Jupiter in Aries. When the two benefic planets of the Zodiac meet up there is a chance for a big blessing to appear in our lives. Leo energy is fun, passionate and very romantic. Someone from the past may return and express their love for you. But if you had any power struggles in the past beware. The Sun and Pluto are making an odd angle to one another and those power struggles, might still be there simmering under the surface. This is a very passionate day. Use it responsibly.

August 20th – Mars is officially in the sign of Gemini where it is going retrograde this year! Mars only goes retrograde once every two years. In the Air sign of Gemini that means we have to pay attention to our thoughts, how we communicate, be careful traveling, and maybe learn a thing or two. Mars will be in the sign from now until Feb of next year!! We last had a Gemini retrograde in 1990, but that one went back into Pisces. The one from 2008 started in Cancer and went back into Gemini. You have to go all the way back to 1943 for a similar Mars retrograde in Gemini. World War II was going strong. There will be a war of words for sure. Perhaps leading to resolution like the retrograde of 1990 and the fall of the Berlin wall.

August 21st – Mercury the ruler of Gemini is still in Virgo, probably thinking about its upcoming retrograde in Libra, while trine to Pluto in Capricorn. This is a good day or two to do some psychological work with the subconscious mind. It will be opposite Neptune so you really want to clear away any delusional type of thinking. The Sun is already done playing in the sign of Leo! Virgo season is about to begin. Happy Birthday month all you Virgo Suns.

August 24th – Uranus turns retrograde at 18 degrees of Taurus. It is still sitting square to Saturn, but now both will be retrograde. The tension between these two is now about resolving their original argument that started in earnest February of 2021, the 16th to be exact. What argument were you having in your life at that time? Has it still been simmering just beneath the surface? Probably. Now it will come up for a final resolution. We had some areas with extreme weather, we were wearing a lot of masks, and in the US the insurrection was still a hot topic. Perhaps that means we will finally have answers and a conclusion. Time will tell, said Saturn, ruler of time and Karma!

August 25th – Venus in Leo is speaking in harmony conjunct the Moon trine to Chiron in retrograde. This brings up the chance to heal some old wounds, especially where children, and families are involved. With Mercury at the last degree of its time in Virgo a major health announcement is possible. May be some sort of legal precedent as Mercury heads into Libra where it will go retrograde and have us reviewing some laws. We will know more in September.

August 27th – The New Moon in Virgo happens with the Sun and Moon meeting up at 4 degrees of the sign. They will be square to Mars in Gemini also at 4 degrees, but not in shadow yet for its retrograde season. This means to move something forward you have to let go of control. Potentially change your thinking about something or someone. They will also be inconjunct to Jupiter in Aries, in retrograde. Again, if you want to grow, you need to make some changes. Virgo is our physical health, alternative methods of healing, it’s our OCD nature, which really just means very organized and detailed. These are the only planets directly aspecting the New Moon. More to come in the New Moon blog.

August 29th – Venus has her faceoff with Saturn in Aquarius, this is that same all about me discussion we had with the Full Moon in Aquarius. Now Venus has her chance to show she cares about someone other than herself. Which is a bit of a tall order so there could be some pouting on this day. They will both be square to Uranus and pretty loosely with the North Node. So, if any relationships fall apart, they were not meant to be. Let it go.

September Preview – Mercury will go retrograde this month. We will have a Full Moon in Pisces followed by the New Moon in Libra. So, if that relationship did end, a new one might be right around the corner. With Mercury retrograde also in the sign of relationships there is a chance one from the past comes up for another look.

Love and Light!

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