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April 2020 Monthly Horoscope

The Month of April starts off hot with Jupiter conjunct Pluto and Mars conjunct Saturn. Thankfully Venus is there reminding us to focus on love, and she is also getting ready for her retrograde season. This means we are in for a bit of an explosive month before things begin to calm down towards the beginning of May, or more like slow down because we will be in serious retrograde season!! I will be here to guide you every step of the way.

Below is a list of major aspects throughout the month. These are general statements and not specific to your sign. If you want to know how the month will impact you directly it’s a really good idea to book a reading. Especially with all the major planet retrogrades coming up. It is very important information to know if you are trying to launch anything new.

April 1st – I am guessing not many will be into pranking others today. Because seriously what could be stranger than our reality right now? Jupiter and Pluto conjunct at 24 degrees of Capricorn means our transformation energy is in full force. If we channel this properly we can transform the way we are dealing with the virus. If channeled in a less positive way then the amount of deaths we see could reach a peak right about now. But the good news on the other side of that is the decrease of people dying in large volume from the virus. Jupiter expands on the energy it interacts with. There is meant to be a spiritual cleansing of sorts when Jupiter and Pluto combine. Yes, Pluto rules death and destruction, but in order to build something better and stronger, to see you take your power back. This conjunction will last almost the entire month, and it’s pretty monumental. The Moon also makes an exact trine over to Mercury in Pisces who is now fully out of the retrograde energy. Finally, you are able to trust your intuitive guidance again!

April 2nd – Venus is at 29 degrees of Taurus now. Put your credit card in the freezer! Seriously with a lot of time on your hands don’t get caught doing retail therapy that you cannot afford. Any time a planet is at those critical degrees you can expect an excess of the energy it represents. Love Boat, Love American Style?? All that kind of gushy nonsense. At the same time, we will have the Moon in a standoff with Saturn at 0 degrees. You have to balance your intuition with your need for structure and discipline. This is not just about having a great plan to execute. You need to tune into your intuition as well. 0 degrees of Leo where the Moon is represents a Me attitude. 0 degrees of Aquarius is all about the We. You have to learn today to balance the needs of the many against your own personal needs. Yes, you need to stop hoarding toilet paper and take only what you need. Venus is there waving her hands saying make the loving choice.

April 3rd – It’s the happy solar return of my favorite mermaid. You know who you are! Venus enters Gemini today. Venus in Gemini is all over the place where love is concerned. First, she wants to be in love with this person, then in love with that person. Love gets a little more logical, and more about communication when the planet of love enters an Air sign. In a trine over to Saturn in Aquarius love actually takes a bit of a more serious turn. Just casual dating might not cut it anymore. And if you can’t express your feelings, step aside. However, this might be especially challenging because Neptune and Mercury are conjunct today. This makes us foggy thinkers, and potentially foggy communicators. This is a really good time to check out and channel your creative skills. Use this energy to create something artistic or work on meditating because you will really have to learn to focus. The fog is good for getting lost in. Just don’t make any serious decisions or sign any contracts today without looking over every little detail.

April 7th – The Full Moon in Libra happens around 7:15 pm PT. This is the sign that represents relationships, the law, and balance. The Sun in Aries representing the self opposes the Moon. Again, a balance of me vs we energy. There is a loose square over to the Jupiter and Pluto show during this full moon. This means something about how we are relating to each other is going to have to change, and it won’t be easy. That conjunction hasn’t been easy energy all month long and today stress levels will be heightened even more. We are always more emotional during a full moon. A few days before and after. Mercury is in good aspect to Jupiter and Pluto in a sextile, but in a really odd angle to this full moon. Your communication skills will be heightened but because you feel so empowered you might upset the balance in one or more of your relationships. Last but not least Saturn and Mars are both in good contact with Venus, the ruler of the full moon. This intensifies the energy of relationships even more. Love is on steroids, and almost a steroid overdose. I am just going to recommend whatever you do where love and money are concerned, don’t do it permanently. When the retrograde is in full motion you might really come to regret your choices. Adding to the weirdness is the square between Mars and Uranus. Seriously we need to expect the unexpected on this day. More on this in my full moon article.

April 9th – Mercury is at 29 degrees of Pisces which is the last degree of the sign and the zodiac. This is a pretty intense degree. Saturn will be making positive contact to Mercury for a few days. This makes us very detailed and a bit OCD, it will be like Christmas day for all you Mercury ruled people. But because your mind is still a bit foggy your plans could be a bit muddled. However, if you tap into the Saturn energy this will help you find focus. Be really disciplined around water at this time as well. If you need to be imaginative, say writing a novel, you will be able to tap into some disciplined writing.

April 11th – Chiron and Venus meet up today to help us heal our wounds with love. This is a feel-good kind of day that gives us hope through all the darkness we have experienced as of late. Most of this month Venus and Mars are within a few degrees of each other in a trine. This helps us feel really passionate about love and those we love. With Mars in Aquarius now we are focused on helping others. Which Mars isn’t really all that thrilled about, but Venus is.

April 13th – This is our really crunchy day. Sun is squaring over to Pluto and Jupiter who are still in close contact with each other. These are power struggles on a grand scale. Your need for independence might be thwarted by more intense government restrictions. So just be prepared for what you are willing to fight over. Beyond this very moment of the conflict is it really worth the fight? You may need to put your ego needs aside to see the bigger picture here and what is really at stake. Something about the self is needing to be transformed. Do the work. This entire month feels like work to me. Big heavy energetic work.

April 17th – Venus and Mercury meet up today in a sextile at 11 degrees. 11 is the master number of service. An important communication can happen between you and a loved one today. But keep in mind we are now well into the shadow phase of Venus. This is an area she will cover again shortly during her retrograde. Anything said now, could be revisited again as Venus comes back over this point. So, keep things loosely committed to during this time, but try not to do anything permanent where love, money or beauty is concerned. Unless you have a way out or have been doing your due diligence prior to the retrograde shadow period that began at the beginning of the month.

April 18th – The Sun will be at the last degree of Aries which gives our egos a bit of a boost today. The Sun is really happy in Aries, we astrologers call it exalted there, since it is in a fellow fire sign. But this makes us a little more hot headed, a little more headstrong and definitely more intense. And while the square to Pluto and Jupiter is waning it is still there, taunting us, pushing us, this could create a bit of a tipping point today. The Moon also squares Venus today making our partnerships a bit of a challenge. If I was you I would put yourself in a timeout and make sure you don’t say anything you will regret to your partner.

April 19th – Welcome to Taurus season. The Sun comes in to highlight all things Venusian. Love, money, sensuality, the 5 senses in general. For the first few days Saturn will square the Sun, which means you need to have a budget and be responsible. Whether this is about love or money you need to take this far more seriously than you have been so far. Saturn is slapping you upside the head and it’s a warning for now. But don’t piss Saturn off. He loves nothing better than to give you a good I told you so later. The Moon will be in a nice sextile back over to Pluto and Jupiter, so if you really want to know what you should be doing right now, listen to your intuition. It is powered up and full throttle right now. Take advantage of it.

April 20th – We have a 222 message from our Angels today. April 20th of 2020. This message ultimately is about hanging in there, having faith, knowing there is a purpose for what is happening we just need to be patient. So far this month the North Node has been in a very weird angle with Saturn at 1 degree. This is causing there to be a change in our destiny. Just following the rules isn’t good enough anymore. The plan that was well thought out isn’t working anymore and because of that we have to change how we achieve our destiny. This is the last day at 1 degree and then the nodes move to zero degree before they begin a new 18-month cycle in Gemini and Sagittarius. The will be a welcome change. For clues of how it will be look back approximately 19 years ago. What were the themes in your life at this time?

April 22nd – we have a New Moon in Taurus at 3 degrees, close to Uranus at 6 degrees, squaring off with Saturn at 1 degree and sextile to the nodes at 0 degrees. New beginnings in all things Venusian are possible if you have a plan. Now Uranus involved always brings a bit of a surprise into the mix. So, your new beginning may come out of the blue. Love with someone you never expected for instance. A financial gift or a raise. Considering Mars and Venus are still doing their love dance I think we have a real chance for some positive news today. Just don’t go overboard. That is the Saturn connection he doesn’t want you to lose your head or your heart being careless. And the Nodes are helping you make your date with destiny happen, so let it happen. This is a good time for completely letting go of that South Node lesson so you can ascend to your North Node path. More to come with my new moon article and hypnosis video.

April 25th – The Sun and Uranus will be exactly conjunct in Taurus at 6 degrees today. This might just put you in the spotlight today, or at the very least have some aha moments about yourself, your future, or your success. This can be a pretty inspiring day with great breakthroughs. Perhaps some of the virus constraints will be lifted at this time, or better testing or a possible vaccine. Could be a much better day in the stock market as well. Mercury is being pushed to communicate in more effective ways. There is a square over to both Jupiter and Pluto, and Pluto is starting its long retrograde phase. This will create some space between Pluto and Jupiter soon. Your words should not be used to hurt others, your words are meant to help you or someone else transform at this time. Communication in general needs an overhaul. Fake news is out, the truth is in. You may hear it spoken a lot today. Or you may see someone tone it down. Mercury in Aries all month may have brought about some fiery conversations. But you don’t have to be mean or forceful to get your point across. You don’t need to name call, put people down, or belittle them to feel better about yourself either. Expect a new start in this area. And a rewind on some conversations that may not have gone as expected.

April 27th – Mercury has been flying through Aries, finally free of all its retrograde energy it hasn’t slowed down. Today will be the final day of Mercury in Aries as it sits at the 29-degree point. This means communication that has been getting reworked since the weekend will culminate in a conclusion. So, whatever this back and forth has been about now you are ready to bring it to a close once and for all. As the day progresses the Moon heads into its home sign of Cancer and will sextile back to Mercury as it enters Taurus. You will be intuitively guided on what you need to say and how to say it at this time. Especially since both are tied to the North and South Node.

April 30th – we end the month with Mercury conjunct Uranus at that 6-degree mark of Taurus. You have opportunities for brilliant ideas, surprise communications, and aha moments. Your mind and communication skills might be a bit erratic so make sure you are double checking everything. This could be a day of twists and turns, so hang on until the very end of this ride, you just never know where you might end up!

May Preview

The Nodes will move into Gemini/Sag on the 6th. On May 11th around midnight Saturn will start its retrograde. On May 13th at just about midnight on the West Coast Venus will go retrograde. Jupiter will go retrograde on the 15th. To say you are going to have a hard time moving things forward could be a bit of an understatement. But this is an ideal month to start doing a lot of re-work. Anything that starts with RE is ideal at this time. A full moon in Scorpio will bring a major transformation. This is a big year full of change as a result of reviewing the past. This phase is a long one and will be with us until the fall. So, if you have anything major you are trying to accomplish get it done at the end of March into early April. The shadow period for all these outer planets is starting now since they move so slowly and don’t cover much ground. More to come in the full May forecast! I am really enjoying working with my new coaching clients! Sign up now to participate at the half off price. In the late summer/early fall prices will be rising for all those who don't join now. Half off people!!

Love and Light!

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